KAILAS Unveils New Logo, Emphasizing Technical Excellence in Climbing Gear


In an exciting development for the climbing and outdoor adventure sports community, KAILAS, a leader in the industry, has unveiled a transformative new logo. This change marks a significant evolution for the brand, renowned for its comprehensive range of climbing apparel and equipment. The new KAILAS logo is a visual testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to safety, comfort, and technical innovation in extreme environments.

The original logo, characterized by its Lithos wordmark and relaxed sun icon, portrayed more of a casual surfing vibe rather than epitomizing the brand’s dedication to hardcore mountain climbing gear. In contrast, the revamped logo aligns perfectly with KAILAS’s core values and the technical sophistication of its products. The updated design features a dynamic and stylized sun icon, with sharp and upward-angled rays that vividly capture the essence of climbing – challenging yet exhilarating.

Notably, the new logo redesign cleverly incorporates a rock shape within the sun motif. This creative inclusion has been seamlessly integrated into the brand’s broader visual identity, serving multiple purposes. It appears as a simple flat shape, a 3D rock icon, a container for other icons, and forms the basis of various patterns. This versatility underscores KAILAS’s deep connection with mountain sports and enhances the brand’s distinctiveness and recognition.

KAILAS Logo Evolution

In terms of practical application, the new logo truly comes alive against the stunning backgrounds of mountain climbing photography, reinforced by a bold black and red color scheme. The combination of these elements vividly positions KAILAS as a brand that is authentic to the wild, meeting the rigorous demands of extreme sports enthusiasts. The angular designs prevalent in the branding further underscore the brand’s focus on precision and technical expertise.

The introduction of the new KAILAS logo is more than just an aesthetic update; it reflects a strategic repositioning that resonates with the brand’s growth and its influential role in advancing China’s climbing culture.

The unveiling of the new KAILAS logo is symbolic of the brand’s journey toward excellence and innovation in climbing gear. With an impressive tally of 71 awards and 29 patents both domestically and internationally, along with a dedicated team of over 1,100 employees, KAILAS is a pioneering force in the climbing gear market.