Kappahl – new brand brightness, clothed in rigor

Kappahl Logo

In 1953, the Kappahl Group was founded in Gothenburg, which became a fashion chain and developed through 370 stores. The well-known and beloved clothing brand, accepted by connoisseurs of modern trends in the fashion industry, the Scandinavian brand Kappahl has embarked on a rebranding path, which delighted its regular customers.

It is always interesting for a loyal target audience to know how the brand lives and breathes; it is nice to see positive changes that affect the client personally as if giving their attention and support. And now, attention was focused on the new identity, which was created just recently. The new image reflects the beginning of a period of transformation for a brand that positions itself as a translator of values. The company CEO points out that Kappahl has embarked on a new path – alternatives, transformations, rethinking the business, opening a new page in history. According to him, many areas of the brand will be reincarnated to inspire the target audience with renewed vigor in the coming years.

To grow, we prepared the ground for rebranding within the company for a long time – we checked distribution channels, studied the niche and competitors, conducted surveys, etc. In part, focus groups were involved in this, whose opinion became expert in selecting certain areas.

Kappahl New Logo

The brand also received a certain amount of information from customers who described key points in their interaction with Kappahl. This helped to understand the company’s sphere of influence better to identify new connections with the clientele.

The fruit of painstaking analytical work was the rethinking of the logo of the 70s when graphic design was not as developed as it is now but only in its infancy. It is like a period of zeroing, purity of thought, and freedom. The authors of the rebranding emphasize that they are very fascinated by the brand’s heritage, and they want to express continuity in the new logo “without taking too long a step from where they are now.” Round, geometric, bold shapes and a slightly heavier font recreate the same character. They developed a unique Kappahl Type font based on the essential shapes of the logo, according to Madeleine Ahlström, the marketing manager of the company that was involved in the new brand strategy.

The optimization also touched capital A, which hinted at the founder of the network Per-Olof Ahl.

Kappahl Before and After Logo (history)

Like many other companies, the clothing brand assures that the logo symbolizes a confident future and proudly conveys a signal to customers that life is raging. Lynxeye, a consulting firm, was involved in both new strategy and design and is headquartered in Stockholm. Therefore, there were no acute issues in rebranding development since the organizers and performers were in the same cultural field.

When describing a new logo, one should ask, do I see the difference between the old and the new logo? Definitely yes, but visually it is not very critical.

Indeed, the letter A is comparable to the rest of the size because the font equalizes everyone, without emphasizing letters, except for the capital K. The font of the old model was more rounded and softer. Still, now it looks like a typical formal, without peculiarities.

To say that this contributes to recognition, it seems that it does not. Because he is too ordinary and not creative. There is no brightness, but no curl or dash corns the eyes either. Quite characteristic, solid, serious.

And take into account the cultural tradition of modern Scandinavian brands. You can be sure that the company will not suffer from this kind of rebranding since the new logo confirms the credibility and potential of Kappahl based on brevity and rigor.