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The Knorr logo represents the company’s dedication to offering flavorful and nutritious meals worldwide. Founded in Germany in 1838 by Carl Heinrich Knorr, the company began by creating easy-to-prepare dried soups to enhance flavor and nutrition in everyday cooking. The logo reflects Knorr’s commitment to quality ingredients and innovative food science, making wholesome, tasty meals accessible to families everywhere. As a trusted name in the food industry, Knorr is renowned for its soups, bouillons, seasonings, and sauces that elevate simple ingredients into exceptional dishes.

Knorr: Brand overview

Knorr’s journey started in 1838 in Heilbronn, Germany, where Carl Heinrich Theodor Knorr opened his first factory. His innovative drying technology for vegetables and cereals meant that Knorr products quickly became known for their quality and longevity. By 1873, Knorr was revolutionizing kitchens by introducing dried soups, a big hit for their convenience, nutrition, and long shelf life.

As the 20th century dawned, Knorr expanded beyond Germany, exporting to other European countries and the U.S., and in 1908, opened a factory in Winterthur, Switzerland. A major innovation came in 1912 with the introduction of bouillon cubes, a compact and easy way to prepare a nutritious drink, proving particularly popular during wartime.

The post-World War II period marked a time of rapid international expansion for Knorr, with products reaching over 30 countries by the late 1950s. This global reach was further enhanced in 1957 when Knorr joined the British conglomerate Unilever, diversifying its range to include sauces, seasonings, instant soups, and frozen foods.

In the 1960s and 70s, Knorr adapted its offerings to local tastes, creating recipes based on regional flavors and ingredients. This included introducing soups with traditional Indian spices like curry and tandoori.

Entering the 21st century, Knorr has remained at the forefront of the food industry, emphasizing natural ingredients, sustainability, and innovation. It has promoted home cooking and family meals as alternatives to fast food. It has adjusted to the growing demand for healthy and ethical food options by reducing salt and sugar in its products and advocating for sustainable farming practices.

Today, operating in over 80 countries, Knorr offers a vast range of products for home cooking. Despite its global presence, the brand continues to stay true to its roots, aiding in preparing delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals. With a history spanning over 180 years, Knorr has consistently innovated and adapted to its customers’ changing tastes and needs, ensuring its place as a staple in kitchens worldwide.

Meaning and History

Knorr Logo History

What is Knorr?

Knorr, a member of the Unilever family, is recognized worldwide for its extensive product lineup, which includes soups, sauces, culinary mixes, and spices. The brand is committed to high quality, aiming to satisfy consumers seeking delicious and balanced meals. This dedication to excellence and flavor has made Knorr a popular choice in kitchens around the globe, providing convenient options that enhance daily cooking.

1838 – 1988

Knorr Logo 1838

Founded in 1838, Knorr has nearly two centuries of history. The company initially aimed to create a stylish and vibrant emblem that showcased its products’ rich flavor, nourishment, and ease of preparation. These features are key to the brand’s value and consumer promise.

Knorr chose red for its emblem to reflect its prestigious role as a military supplier. Knorr introduced dry, instant soup mixed when the military needed reliable and quality food supplies. These were popular for providing a quick and tasty nutritional solution for soldiers under constraints.

The emblem also represents the company’s use of advanced technology. The brand name’s connected writing hinted at an innovative process that made soup preparation faster by pressing the mix into briquettes. This technology boosted Knorr’s market position and helped make the brand known worldwide.

The founder’s name, still part of the brand today, honors its legacy and commitment to ongoing development and innovation, keeping Knorr a respected leader in the industry.

1988 – 2004

Knorr Logo 1988

In 1988, Knorr updated its company symbol to showcase its innovative spirit and dedication to quality. The new design features the image of a fragrant aroma wafting from a hot pot, representing the warmth and comfort of home-cooked meals. It captures when adding a Knorr chicken cube, which elevates a dish’s flavor and aroma.

Knorr chicken cubes enhance the taste of soups and elevate ordinary dishes into culinary delights. These cubes combine exquisite spices and natural chicken broth to give soups a rich flavor.

The logo includes a green and yellow border, highlighting the natural ingredients used in the products, such as spices and chicken broth. These colors also signal Knorr’s commitment to environmental responsibility and consumer health, which are fundamental to its philosophy.

Redesigned in red, the logo’s lettering floats and dissolves in water, creating a visual effect that suggests lightness and fluidity. This design illustrates how Knorr products seamlessly blend into cooking, enriching any dish with harmonious flavors and aromas.

2004 – 2019

Knorr Logo 2004

Knorr updated its symbol to prominently feature a stylized image of its pea sausage, aligning with the brand’s visual theme and highlighting the product’s features. The elongated green background reflects the pea color, harmonizing with the product’s packaging and enhancing its natural appeal.

Above this image, the Knorr name is written in smooth yellow and green curves, suggesting the aroma of the soup. This design strengthens the brand identity and evokes feelings of warmth and home cooking comfort.

The symbol also includes images of a cube and a briquette, essential forms of Knorr’s products. These represent the ease of making hot broth as a cube or briquette quickly dissolves in water, creating a flavorful pea soup efficiently. This design underscores Knorr’s commitment to convenient, high-quality food preparation.

2019 – today

Knorr Logo

Knorr’s modern logo has been updated to align with current trends and consumer preferences, emphasizing the naturalness and benefits of its products. A green leaf at the logo’s center adds visual appeal and symbolizes the fresh herbs and vegetables used in Knorr’s seasonings and sauces. This highlights the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients and high-quality products.

The brand name in the logo is now white, chosen for its associations with purity, freshness, and simplicity. This white text complements the green leaf, enhancing the logo’s appeal and reinforcing the products’ natural and fresh qualities. Together, these elements form a visual message that appeals to health-conscious consumers who value products free from artificial additives.

Font and Colors

The Knorr logo features an elegant, flowing script that is playful and refined, blending tradition with modern appeal. Its unique design goes beyond standard fonts, conveying accessibility and quality, which are crucial for a brand with a long history in food production.

The handwritten style of the font is smooth and dynamic, giving it a friendly appearance. The large, flowing letterforms ensure readability and stand out effectively against the green background of the banner.

The logo uses the brand name in a single line to maximize readability and impact. Unique flourishes on the letters “K” and “r” add character to the design, enhancing its memorability. The font’s placement, reminiscent of a flag, creates a sense of movement and progress.

The logo’s color scheme features green, which evokes freshness and natural ingredients, aligning with the brand’s focus on quality and flavor in seasonings. The white text contrasts sharply with the green, making the brand name pop. Smaller yellow text reading “SINCE 1838” adds a vibrant touch and highlights the brand’s long history.

The design of the logo, with its smooth font and green color palette, presents an image that is both calming and suggestive of culinary expertise, suitable for a brand specializing in seasonings and food products. This thoughtfully crafted image helps Knorr remain easily recognizable and trusted by consumers worldwide.


Who makes Knorr soup?

Knorr soup is popular for its delicious flavor and quick preparation. Various companies across India work with Knorr, allowing it to reach a wide audience and cater to regional taste preferences. K J Enterprises has partnered with Knorr in Ahmedabad for over 11 years, distributing soups to local consumers. Eka International, based in Thane, has collaborated with Knorr for six years, ensuring that Knorr’s soups are available in flavors that appeal to local palates. Ska Cashew Processing in Morbi, a more recent partner of 4 years, enhances the soup’s flavor using local cashews.

These collaborations are crucial for Knorr to understand and meet the diverse culinary preferences across India. They help make Knorr soups accessible nationwide while also benefiting the local economy.

Who owns Knorr Soup?

Knorr is a well-known brand under Unilever, recognized globally for its soups and food products. Founded by Carl Heinrich Theodor Knorr in Germany in 1838, the brand initially aimed to provide nutritious and easy-to-prepare food. In Japan, Ajinomoto holds the rights to Knorr, illustrating the brand’s ability to adapt to local preferences. When Unilever acquired Knorr in 2000, the brand expanded further. As part of Unilever, Knorr emphasizes delicious, nutritious food produced sustainably.

What is the vision of Knorr?

Knorr is working hard to make the world a better place through its food. They have a big goal: to make sure the 7 billion meals they serve by 2025 are healthy for us and good for the planet. This shows how much they care about our health and taking care of the Earth. Their work is part of a bigger plan by their parent company, Unilever, to live well for the future. Knorr is doing important things like lowering pollution, saving water, and helping farmers grow food in ways that don’t harm the Earth. Knorr imagines a future where every meal helps us and the Earth stay healthy.

Which country owns Knorr?

Knorr began its journey in Germany in 1838, established by Carl Heinrich Theodor Knorr. Its main office remains in Heilbronn, Germany, highlighting the importance of its original setting. Over the years, Knorr has gained international recognition for its soups, seasonings, and convenient meals. While it has joined the global Unilever family, the brand continues to embrace its German heritage.

Is Knorr owned by Israel?

Knorr is a German food brand that became part of Unilever’s portfolio in 2000 after Unilever acquired Best Foods. This acquisition brought Knorr, known for its dried soup mixes, bouillon cubes, and sauces, under the umbrella of Unilever. In Japan, Knorr collaborates with Ajinomoto, a leading manufacturer of seasonings and food products, to produce items suited for the Japanese market. Knorr is under the ownership of Unilever, not Israel, and benefits from Unilever’s international presence. This allows Knorr to be available in various countries, catering to local culinary preferences.

Is Knorr made with real chicken?

Some Knorr products list “chicken fat” among their ingredients. This real chicken part enhances flavor, making products taste similar to homemade chicken dishes or broth. However, these products don’t primarily consist of chicken meat. Other ingredients, such as salt, cornstarch, and spices, ensure the food is flavorful, appealing, and fresh.

Adding chicken fat helps give Knorr items a chicken-like taste, improving the flavor of soups and sauces. Those seeking items with a higher chicken meat content might benefit from exploring other products or brands.