Koinonia introduced several innovations, including the logo

Koinonia Logo

The organization wants to create quality care for people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities.

The new logo of the organization perfectly captures the essence of the company. You can see two symbols that are combined in one image. The intertwined hands signify the company’s commitment to providing care to people with some limitations and to create the right approach for each person. The heart symbolizes support and care – what Koinonia does every day. The different colors indicate the communities of people that the organization serves, and the interweaving is the close ties between them.

Koinonia New Logo

In addition, Koinonia is introducing a new service system based on complexity. The organization added new people to its staff: nurses, psychiatrists, consultants, and other professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic has made adjustments to the company’s strategic planning. The new approach is called Whole-Person Integrated Care.

Koinonia Emblem

The organization announced the development of two new behavioral and physical health care services. Koinonia is set to unveil one by the end of this year and another in 2022. Additionally, the company has created a website.