Le Puzz – a new brand with logic

Le Puzz Logo

Oddly enough, but the founder of Le Puzz was a cat named Scotty, who inspired two friends – Alistair Matthews and Michael Hunter to create their brand. Once, when they came home, they saw with their own eyes their “idea” after Scotty was at home alone for a long time. The houses were all reminiscent of the Wigsaw Wumpany puzzle that inspired the best of the 60s and 80s. And everything was conceived in 2021, and the finished project was implemented almost yesterday. Charades – strange and funny, ironic and unexpected, cut from plywood in free form and partially hand-drawn – became the basis of the created brand. Considering its peculiarity, the designer of the visual image – Little Troop, approached each branding element with a fair amount of humor.

Le Puzz New Logo

First of all, this was achieved by the original division of the name, which acquired a French charm and even in American business. It turned out to be very funny and, at the same time, became a puzzle title that made me think a little.

Le Puzz Emblem

Gaming jargon has become the basis for the formation of visual contact between the buyer and the brands. Images, packaging – everything that carries iconic information is tied to vintage game boards, their wonderful graphics, and an extraordinary world of old things, boxes, the habit of consuming cereals while playing. First of all, no one forgot the important mascot – Scotty. He is omnipresent, appears everywhere. If he is not there, then his eyes are always following every page of the website. The trademark represents the brand’s full name – Le Puzz, which is made in the now-defunct Winchester font, which is realized in the form of wood. He possesses friendliness and joy. Such a font can “easily” jump onto the game shelf or play “letters” with the logo, become a piece of a puzzle or play “tags.” The blush-cheeked, cheerful face that shares the brand name has a light that no black color can hide. To pay tribute to the vintage things of the past, the Le Puzz logo has retained the variability and randomness of those times’ typography. The system of applied fonts was combined with filters and potential and flexibility and customization at a level that preserved brand awareness. Helvetica and Times have helped achieve this for their grotesque style and the ability to create a new and unique family from scratch.

Le Puzz Symbol

Yellow was chosen to attract attention. An optimistic and happy sunny hue very accurately conveys the values ​​of the brand itself. Warmth and joy are in the LP games, as well as a lot of positive emotions. In addition, yellow is a neutral color that does not cause any rejection, which attracts the attention of all people to it.