Learfield – renewed brand and new opportunities

Learfield Logo

Learfield IMG College – one of the world’s most famous associations of intercollegiate student sports in athletics, has made a statement about a complete rebranding – starting from the symbolism and ending with the name. The decision was made in connection with the urgent need to follow the requirements of modernity and changes not only in the field of technology but also in human thinking and perception of the world.

Learfield New Logo

Developing a new image consisted of examining the opinions of various groups – partners and customers, fans, and employees. The data obtained were processed by specialists of different profiles – marketers, branding and advertising specialists, designers, and even psychologists. As a result, using its innovative heritage, the world’s most famous organization for the protection and observance of multimedia rights in the latest technologies and information, licensing related to various areas of student sports, effectively modernized its image.

Learfield Emblem

Having shortened the name – now the association becomes simply Learfield; by minimizing the visual load in the laconically designed logo, the developers could place the necessary accents on the most important points. This made it possible to simplify the presentation of information about your product to potential customers, future partners, sports associations in their field of activity to make it the most convenient for use in the world of digital technologies.

The new company logo is a black rectangle with “LEARFIELD” in white letters in the center with the image of the brand badge – the stylized “No. 1” in a white square. This sign demonstrates the unity of all community members in achieving common success, putting their partners and customers first. Learfield’s competitiveness is driven by innovation and innovation across a wide range of areas – publishing, audio, and digital information, as well as social networks; in the distribution of tickets; analytical data processing; conducting expert assessments; branding; development of sponsorship and business; using technological systems.

Learfield Old and New Logo (history)

As the main sponsor of the renowned Learfield Directors Club since 2008, the association provides effective support for sports departments, which the ongoing rebranding of the company will further enhance.