Letter creative in the new Alamy identity

Alamy Logo

The world’s recognized leader of stock photography, Alamy, has been delighting users with a variety of content since 2020. Whether it’s photographs of culinary delights, the Himba tribe, or rhinos going to the watering hole, a huge drainage base can provide all this.

In all likelihood, the availability of high-quality processed and live images makes the hearts of many photographers, designers, agents of the fashion industry, artists, and other creators of visual beauty and not only be beating faster. The materials that the brand has at its disposal have a special difference from well-known other stock companies – their images and selection of images are very carefully selected, so unique, high-quality creative appears among the clients of this stock.

Unfortunately, the stock niche can be oversaturated with information, as in any other creative field. It is difficult to determine what needs to be done so that the field of activity is profitable and has a bright emotional return.

Alamy New Logo

A completely logical phenomenon happened with the Alamy brand – it got a little tired. I wanted new emotions, impressions, pleasant excitement. The fact is that the audience of users is huge; the public is constantly looking for ideas for inspiration, unearthing new ideas for creativity. And it is not easy to survive in the ocean of constantly changing visual design trends, one day, a wave of innovations can strongly overwhelm the market, and only the most persistent brands will be able to stay afloat and get out of the crisis. Competitiveness and resilience to shocks at the global market level are two significant indicators for a brand that determine the prospects for further development of the company. Therefore, it was extremely important for such a market leader as Alamy to exacerbate the lack of user interest in his “person” and surprise him with a new appearance.

So, the order for the rebranding and the entire strategic campaign went to such creative agencies as In-house and Phantom. These two powerful forces helped drive the visual update and new tactics for marketing purposes.

Alamy Emblem

The work strategy focused on the idea that the Alamy brand came to help those who need it today and help those who will come tomorrow. Next-day orientation, perspective, and expansion dynamics are at the stock leader’s rebranding core. Creative people eager to create a new reality are the target audience with a thirst for something new, bright, and interesting. Having identified the main characteristics of the public, it became clear who are the users of the brand at the moment. The analysis showed that it is necessary to create an identity so that it is timeless, suitable for all categories of user tasks, is harmonious, and fits well with modern trends in visual culture.

Emotionality, which, as a concept, was invested in a new visual series, became the leitmotif of all digital components of the brand.

Alamy Before and After Logo (history)

They chose a simple yet elegant logo with a playful variable font that reflects the brand’s childish and positive attitude.

If earlier it was a flat logo with rounded black lowercase letters, now it is a neat font logo elongated in height, where the letter Y has a long tail, and the arrangement of the letters is so close to each other that not a single element looks detached or lost. In general, the identity is based on stretched letters and different sizes of symbols, which intrigues the brand.

A successful rebranding is like a breath of fresh air for Alamy so as not to get lost in the string of events of the creative community.