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Balance, harmony, and constancy carry the Libra logo. The cryptocurrency rate rises and falls but never deviates far from a constant straight line. Therefore, according to the emblem, the monetary system is reliable and suitable for settlements.

Libra: Brand overview

Libra is a cryptocurrency and payment system of the same name, operated by the independent consortium Libra Association. It belongs to the Calibra company, which is a project of the world-famous social network Facebook.

Meaning and History

Libra Logo History

The appearance of the Libra token was announced on June 18, 2019, at the same time the founders of the blockchain presented a corporate logo: the brand name, supplemented by three wavy lines. It was invented by the staff of the Character design agency. As it turned out later, the startup bank Current already had a similar emblem. Moreover, it was developed by the same studio from New York.

Current representatives sued over trademark infringement and hired private law firm Goodwin Procter to investigate. Among the lawsuit’s defendants are Character, the intellectual property owner of Calibra and the parent company of Facebook.

What is Libra?

Libra is a web-based payment service and its eponymous cryptocurrency. Previously, this project was called Facebook Coin because it was initiated by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the founder and head of the infamous social network.

Internet bank founder Stuart Sopp said competitors had stolen a logo that was created back in 2016. The wavy line conveys the importance of the corporate movement, he said. It took the Current six months to translate this idea into graphic form.

Also, the Libra logo has been heavily criticized by users on several occasions. The main questions and concerns were related to the non-obvious meaning of the wavy lines. Some believed that this is a mathematical tilde placed in front of a number to indicate approximate equality. In their opinion, such an association did not characterize the cryptocurrency from its best side and worked, rather, as anti-advertising.

Others have suggested that the logo has something to do with the horoscopic sign of Aquarius. It seemed to them a contradictory confusion because there is a separate Libra zodiac sign in astrology, and it has a completely different symbol.

Libra: Interesting Facts

Facebook (now Meta Platforms, Inc.) launched the Libra project, aiming to change the global financial system with a digital currency and blockchain. Despite facing legal hurdles, the project marks a big step in the evolution of digital payments and cryptocurrencies.

  1. Name Change to Diem: In December 2020, Libra was renamed Diem to leave behind initial controversies and show a commitment to following laws and simplifying the approach.
  2. The Beginning: Facebook announced Libra in June 2019, aiming to make a stable digital currency that could be used worldwide, especially by those without bank accounts using its huge network.
  3. The Diem Association: Facebook set up the Diem Association in Geneva, Switzerland, to manage the currency and ensure it’s run fairly by members from different industries.
  4. Stablecoin Design: Diem planned to be a stablecoin backed by real assets like bank deposits and government securities to avoid the price swings common with other cryptocurrencies.
  5. Global Concerns: Right after its announcement, governments and financial authorities worldwide scrutinized Libra, worried about privacy, money laundering, and its effect on the global economy, leading to major changes in its design.
  6. Partners Leaving: Due to these regulatory uncertainties, early partners like PayPal and Visa left the project before its launch.
  7. Regulatory Compliance: The Diem Association has since focused on following laws, anti-money laundering standards, and protecting consumers, working closely with regulators.
  8. Novi Wallet: Facebook introduced a digital wallet named Novi, designed to work with Diem for secure and easy use of digital currency.
  9. Broader Effects: Libra (Diem) has sparked significant discussions on the role of big tech in finance, the future of stablecoins, and the need for new laws for digital currencies.

The Libra (Diem) project demonstrates the challenges and potential of introducing a new digital currency and highlights how digital payments and blockchain are changing.

Font and Colors

Libra Emblem

The Facebook crypto project emblem consists of two parts. On the left, there are three tildes, one above the other. The name of the registered trademark is written on the right. The word “libra” has a simple font, sans serif, and decorative elements. All letters are lowercase, including the first “l,” which must be capitalized according to the spelling rules.

The designers have kept the classic proportions, aligning “l,” “i,” and “b” in height. And to make everything look as harmonious as possible, they balanced the rectangular lines with symmetrical circles in the letters “b” and “a.”

Libra Symbol

Another distinctive feature of the logo is its color palette. The graphic sign and the inscription have a light blue-violet shade. It stands out brightly against a white background.


Does Libra refer to cryptocurrency?

Yes, it was a cryptocurrency created by Facebook, later renamed Diem. It was designed as a simple, low-fee global digital currency based on blockchain technology. The goal was to create a medium of exchange for everyday transactions worldwide.

Facebook introduced Libra to provide financial services to the unbanked population and facilitate cross-border payments. To ensure stability and trust, a reserve of assets backed the cryptocurrency.

Diem aimed to integrate with various digital wallets and payment systems, making it accessible and user-friendly. The project faced regulatory challenges and scrutiny from governments and financial institutions, leading to delays and changes in direction.

The project aimed to offer financial inclusion and simplify international payments but encountered significant regulatory hurdles.

What is the Libra money transfer?

Libra, created by Facebook and revealed in the summer of 2019, was a digital, decentralized, peer-to-peer monetary system that allowed digital value to be transferred without needing a trusted third party. Compared to Bitcoin, Libra was Facebook’s cryptocurrency, while Bitcoin is independent.

Libra aimed to create a global digital currency with low fees for money transfers and cross-border transactions. The goal was to make financial services accessible to people worldwide, including those without traditional banking.

Libra operated on a blockchain, ensuring secure, transparent, and immutable transactions and eliminating intermediaries like banks aimed to make financial transactions faster and more efficient.

The project faced significant regulatory scrutiny and challenges from governments and financial institutions. These challenges led to delays and changes in the project’s direction. Eventually, Libra was rebranded as Diem to address these concerns.

What is the Libra logo?

The cryptocurrency logo has three wavy lines stacked on top of each other. These lines resemble the tilde symbol and the Aquarius zodiac symbol, which seems to contrast with the name “Libra.”

The wavy lines in the logo were chosen to convey a sense of fluidity and ease. This design reflects the brand’s goal of creating a simple and accessible digital currency. The three wavy lines represent Libra’s core values: simplicity, global reach, and inclusivity. This design symbolizes fluidity and ease, aligning with the brand’s vision of a simple and accessible global digital currency.