Like a stealthy ninja rebranding of NinjaOne

NinjaOne Logo

NinjaRMM, an IT management software company, has changed its name and logo.

Several reasons contributed to the change of image. Firstly, the active attention in connection with the transition to a remote format of work of many business representatives, and secondly, the rapid growth of income (by as much as 75% increase in profits), the expansion of the client base by almost 50% and the emergence of 6,000 brand-loyal customers. The number of employees has also doubled compared to the previous year, so now the company employs about 320 IT workers.

NinjaOne New Logo

A new vision of the platform came from her “family members.” Power and simplicity to change the status quo are no longer key descriptive characteristics in brand development. A multidisciplinary approach, complexity of processes and tasks, now the brand is more complex, more solid in status, and authoritative on the market.

NinjaOne is a versatile product designed for the future that will help build it and drive the next generation of technological advances.

NinjaOne Emblem

Trading partners will not lose anything in connection with the company’s rebranding because the continuity of design and naming is preserved, there will be no confusion, and it becomes much easier to interact with customers.

The logo retained the beveled lines on the letter I, but an interesting new letter A with a slanted line was added. Just like before, the first part of the name in the logo is made in black. The word One is attached with a capital letter (as opposed to the “ninja” part) of a gentle blue-green menthol shade. The font looks presentable, interesting and pleasantly tickles the perception with its color highlight and accents in the letters. The balanced logo design, which combines sharp elements and rounded shapes, adds visual intrigue.

NinjaOne Before and After Logo (history)

The new design and rebranding will benefit the company because they have a high point, a lot of attention is riveted on the company. After all, now is the era of digitalization, the demand for information technology is colossal. You need to be able to seize the moments and promote yourself.

And this is the time to declare yourself in a new way, strengthen your leading position in the market and introduce new products to the audience. Undoubtedly, the new look will appeal to both partners and customers, which will make the brand even more popular.