Logo for the Women’s World Cup – 2023

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Logo

Australia and New Zealand will host the Women’s Football World Cup in 2023. Recently, the logo symbol of the upcoming event was revealed, which fueled the public’s interest.

Sarai Bareman, FIFA’s Chief Women’s Football Specialist, spoke about the brand’s brand identity, emphasizing a fundamentally new and innovative approach that illuminates the prospect of exciting matches. The organization expects that by 2026, about 60 million women and girls will be engaged in football and involved in sports training.

About 30 countries will participate in the championship, which will be the first stage of the women’s world championship. Therefore, the focus of the designers’ attention was the idea of ​​gathering 32 countries around a soccer ball, and on this, they built all the visual communication of the brand.

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 New Logo

Maori ornaments and Indigenous Australian symbolism, which are the theme of the new design, are a tribute to indigenous peoples. Indigenous Maori and Australian artists Fiona Collis and Chern’ee Sutton were also involved in developing the identity.

The elements used in the logo reflect multiculturalism and aesthetics. This is hidden grace, the desire to win, the core of will, the dynamism of events, the spirit of the game.

There are a lot of colors, and it is difficult to say which one dominates. The logo is replete with bright colors, claiming that this large-scale event has absorbed the best features of women’s sports.

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Emblem

Colored graphic elements include red, white, green, bright blue, pink, and orange shades. They look harmonious, not letting you get bored.

Because, by definition, women’s football is a completely different atmosphere of sports than men’s football. It was extremely important to show a unique image that combines versatility, cultural characteristics, belonging to the women’s league.

Designers and creatives managed to present the event’s announcement in the form of a logo as beautifully and interestingly as possible. The font solution deserves special attention since the letters and numbers are executed in a certain manner, close to the distinctive ethnic groups. We can say that the font is tribal, so there is a clear association between New Zealand and Australia and their indigenous population.

An extravagant yet neat, lined design will inspire female athletes to participate in sports and inspire all fans to monitor matches in the new 2023

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