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Los Angeles Clippers Logo

Los Angeles Clippers Logo
Los Angeles Clippers Logo PNG

Despite the lack of significant achievements, New York still holds the title of Basketball Mecca. The reputation of New York as a forge of basketball talents extends far beyond the metropolis. The western part of the state has become the cradle of three current NBA clubs. Los Angeles Clippers team is one of these legends.

The team was originally quartered in Buffalo city. It was called Buffalo Braves (Braves is a term used in the past to refer to Indian soldiers). It explains the feather on the emblem. In Buffalo, as in all other parts of North America, the Indians once lived. But most likely, the name was chosen because it sounded good in combination with the name of the city.

For over the eight years of existence, the Braves have made NBA playoffs three times. Each time they gave way to future champions. After Bob McAdoo went to Knicks, the interest in the team was decreased. Soon the club was sold to a well-known businessman and politician John Brown Jr. He completed an unprecedented club exchange deal with Irv Levin, the Celtics owner.

Los Angeles Clippers emblem

Levin was dreaming of moving to California, preferably with his basketball club. But the Celtics’ moving to any city other than Boston automatically meant “a long and painful death” at the hands of local fans.

Having received a half-dead team, Levin immediately transferred it to California. The headquarters of the club was still in San Diego, deprived of its team after Rockets moved in 1971.

In the city where the most notorious brave men in the face of marines and whales trainers of the local zoo were staying, there was no place for the team with the name of Braves. The club’s leadership suggested that the team name should get more local flavor. Therefore, a new name San Diego Clippers was approved soon. The team that retained the old colors became known as the Clippers, in honor of the city’s history as an important port in the Pacific ocean. By the way, the Star of India clipper is still moored as a floating museum there. Three jibs (the distinctive part of a clipper tooling) have become a new team’s emblem.

Сlipper is a high-speed sailing vessel or a ship with sharp, water-cutting hull outlines. San Diego was famous for such courts.

Los Angeles Clippers symbol

In 1981, the infamous Donald Sterling became the owner of the team. By that time, less than 5 thousand people attended the matches of the uncompetitive team. That’s why the team decided to move.

In 1984, Stirling managed to get NBA approval for relocation to Los Angeles, where the team had long been in the shadow of another local club.

Speaking about the name of the Sterling club, it was decided to leave it unchanged. Such a solution is quite understandable: the term clipper can mean a hair clipper and lawn shears. And this is the only job that, according to Stirling, “these black guys” are good.

Los Angeles Clippers team has no talisman.

Los Angeles Clippers logo history

Los Angeles Clippers Logo History
Los Angeles Clippers Logo Evolution

The basketball club from Buffalo, founded in 1970, changed the Los Angeles Clippers logo of its team six times. In 1984 the team moved to Los Angeles, where it has been until today. For nearly 50 years, the Los Angeles Clippers club has retained the main colors of the team: white, blue, and red.


Buffalo Braves Logo 1971

1970, Buffalo City. The team of the bravest basketball players appeared here, right in Buffalo. In 1971, their first logo was created. In the center of the emblem, there was a yellow ball, topped with twenty-nine red feathers at the edges. A dark blue bison, the symbol of the struggle and strength of the new basketball team, was depicted in the center of the logo, too. The name in dark blue color was placed at the bottom, perfectly fitting into the design of the logo.

1972 – 1978

Buffalo Braves Logo 1972-1978

Before the team moved to San Diego, the last Buffalo Braves logo was presented by a red feather and a big letter B in blue. The Buffalo Braves inscription was made in red italics and placed at the bottom of the logo.

1979 – 1982

San Diego Clippers Logo 1979-1982

The fresh inscription, the new name of San Diego Clippers, who moved from Buffalo to San Diego, appeared in 1983. The basis of the logo was the blue circle, which depicted three abstract triangles – the symbol of the sail, as well as a red circle in the middle, resembling the setting sun. On one of the sails, there was the San Diego inscription. Slightly below, there were the inscription Clippers in red.

1983 – 1984

San Diego Clippers Logo 1983-1984

The updated version appeared in 1983. For the first time, the logo got not just a circle, but also a clear contour image of a red ball. Between the two red stripes in the center, the name of the basketball team was written in pale blue colors.

1985 – 2010

Los Angeles Clippers Logo 1985-2010

Despite significant changes in the Los Angeles Clippers team, namely the move from San Diego to Los Angeles, the team hasn’t changed. The only thing which creators changed was the name of the city.

2011 – 2015

Los Angeles Clippers Logo 2011-2015

After 15 years of existence of the previous Los Angeles Clippers emblem, the designers decided to correct only the colors: the ball got a deeper shade of red, and the name got a darker shade of blue.

2015 – Present

Los Angeles Clippers Logo 2015-Present

In 2015, it was decided to modify the colors slightly. The team added a black color to make the logo more modern. This word highlighted the team name, located between the four curved lines of red and blue colors. They have enclosed the symbol of the ocean horizon as a reminder of the team’s real roots. The LA (Los Angeles) logo is also very recognizable to fans. This time, it was placed in a curved letter C. The letters themselves are at the top of the Los Angeles Clippers logo now, in a black circle that resembles a basketball court.