Lucra Sports in a new visualization

Lucra Logo

Experience excitement, the joy of winning, and the desire to achieve more with the updated peer-to-peer sports betting platform – Lucra. Now it opens up more features and conveniences, becoming available on iOS, which increases the number of its participants and the number of winnings. It becomes even more interesting to play, as new opportunities for competition with your friends open up. The updated platform is fully in line with the company’s stated mission to provide a new form of social interaction for fans and avid gamers, using the formed competitive market based on the application of skills and experience. At the same time, the traditional version of the game with random partners remains available. The game service in this form facilitates interaction within the community, opening up a wide range of opportunities for users of the site to create different types of competitions, which can be customized and then sent to partners or displayed in the general feed of users.

Lucra New Logo

New opportunities and the changes that have taken place required their reflection in the visualization accompanying the brand. Given the significant advantages of such a competitive option over traditional ones, the entire visual identity was built on attracting mass participants. The new strategy is based on the fact that such a format is accessible and understandable to a wide demographic group – both athletes and those who are new to the sport. The product has acquired wide opportunities for scaling under various systems – Android, iOS, Internet. As a result of interactive brainstorming with users players, a new attractive visual form was born.

Following modern trends, the brand identity was made in a minimalist style while providing maximum information. A textual visualization option was chosen, which consisted of the platform’s name, made in large capital letters in the original graphic design. The modern typeface Bauziet Norm Extra Bold by Letter Omega Typefoundry was taken as a basis and redesigned. The created cutouts for L, R, and A, which generally lost their feature, ensured the visual unity of the entire composition, opening up wide scope for possible interpretations of such a graphic solution. In addition to symmetry, some visual connection with the billiard pocket is immediately striking, a traditional gambling board game for money.

Lucra Symbol

The chosen corporate color plays an important role in inspiring great achievements. Intuition is directly related to blue, which is an integral part of any game of chance and actions that require prompt decisions on an intuitive level. However, it is also a warning component, which indicates that unpreparedness and excess here can lead to a loss of a sense of reality and the emergence of harmful addiction.