Ludia, a mobile video game developer, has updated its brand

Ludia Logo

Computer technologies have long become basic in all spheres of human life. This is especially true of the entertainment and gaming industry, which is one of the most popular today. This imposes certain obligations on the representatives of this sphere, who must constantly be one step ahead. It’s time to pay attention to our own identity and the Canadian gaming brand – Ludia, which is a leader in this field. The desire of the company to become a part of life for everyone, to be able to ignite the unquenchable flame of imagination, to have a positive impact on everyday life – these are the main tasks that the company sets for itself are reflected in its new identity. By creating a high-quality portfolio based on games from leading brands, the company ensures its effective promotion and forms its name. Owned by Jam City, the brand has been recognized by Apple as the best of Montreal’s Top Employers 2021. The new design of the studio was developed by the leading design company lg2 (Montréal, Québec), which took a fresh look at the history of the brand and its contribution to the development of modern video games.

Ludia New Logo

Starting with forming a new strategy aimed at creating a deep cohesion between management and employees, the studio applied the achievements of modern technologies. The identity has become assertive, with a more confident, vibrant, and bold visual reflection that has become the new face of modern mobile games, allowing users to look even into the not-so-distant future. The absence of clichés in the formation of a set of elements of the new visualization, its depth and conciseness helped create a unique and attractive presentation of the brand, the main logo of which was the smartphone shape. The color palette was chosen in such a way as to create the effect of the glow of the gadget’s monitor. The use of the backlight effect made it possible to create a visual simulation of the play between light and shadow, making a new identity especially attractive and memorable.

Ludia Symbol

The main emphasis is created with a bold sans-serif typeface, with confidence and a certain equanimity. Simple typography and bold use of a fairly large logo stand out against digital posters that use floating icon technology. Using them to animate various properties creates a pretty “cool” effect that positively affects increasing attractiveness. And all this works positively in combination with the black color of the text logo.

Ludia Before and After Logo (History)