Marinus Pharmaceuticals Unveils New Logo Displaying All Its Patients

Marinus Pharmaceuticals Logo

An innovative pharmaceutical company prepares for commercialization.

Marinus Pharmaceuticals specializes in developing an intravenous and oral drug that can help children and adults suffering from seizures and neuropsychiatric disorders. The company presented its new logo and developed a corporate identity.

On the company’s website, you can see an image of three rings of different colors: green, blue, and purple. Also, Marinus Pharmaceuticals uses the logo on all of its channels: YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The idea behind the image reflects “commitment, innovation, and community,” and the use of different colors illuminates the diseases the company works with Rett syndrome, tuberous sclerosis complex, and epilepsy associated with the PCDH19 gene mutation.

Marinus Pharmaceuticals New Logo

The company is preparing for a new stage in its activities and wants to pay attention to rare diseases, especially the types of epilepsy that it is trying to cure. Marinus Pharmaceuticals is currently developing an innovative drug, Ganaxolone, and will improve it in the future. According to the company’s commercial director Christy Shafer, the new design shows the company’s relationship with society and the evolution of the company itself.

Marinus Pharmaceuticals Old Logo