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The emblem symbols show that the movement is based on construction calculations. The Mason logo alludes to the Architect who created the Universe. By studying His creations, followers form an idea of the world and the principles that govern it.

Mason: Brand overview

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Mason is a member of a secret society that is considered the most secretive and unexplored. It is only known that Freemasonry originated with the Builders Guild. In the 1500s, it was a modest union of masons from Scotland and England. Then they came up with a whole system of symbols and passwords to recognize each other. Their philosophy is based on the principles of stonemasonry, and their religious views are limited to a belief in the Great Architect of the Universe. However, it is a secular movement, far removed from politics and religion.

Meaning and History

Mason Symbol

Rumor has it that the ancient Freemasons united to support their fellow builders. They are not connected with any Templars: the members of the society adopted their attributes and rites from the knights. This is nothing more than an attempt to create a beautiful entourage and look mysterious in the eyes of the common man.

Freemasonry is considered a philanthropic union: many rich and influential people are among its members engaged in charity. Wealthy people who had nothing to do with construction began to join English masons’ lodges as early as the late 16th century. It was most likely they who influenced the further work of the fellowship.

The basic principles of the esoteric society are the maintenance of fraternal friendship (in most Anglo-American lodges, only a man can be a Freemason), self-development, and helping those in need. The most famous association members are the writer Rudyard Kipling, composer and keyboard player Rick Wakeman, a former pilot and astronaut Buzz Aldrin, husband of Britain’s Queen Prince Philip, and many business people, politicians, and founding fathers of the United States.

Modern Freemasonry has adopted the system of secret symbols from medieval fraternities. There are probably many of them, but only a few people know about them. The only sign that is guaranteed to belong to the society is Square and Compasses. It is associated with the craft of masons, for it represents the basic attributes of an architect.

At the bottom is an image of a tool forming a right angle. Its ends point upwards and intersect with the “legs” of the compass, which is located above Square. In English-speaking countries, the symbol is complemented by a capital letter “G.” It can stand for one of three phenomena: Geometry, God, or the Great Architect of the Universe.

Mason: Interesting Facts

The Freemasons, also known as Masons, are a brotherhood that dates back to medieval stonemason guilds. Over time, they’ve become an organization known for its moral and spiritual values.

  1. Origins: Freemasonry started with medieval stonemason guilds in Europe. It officially began with the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717, welcoming members outside the stonemason trade.
  2. Symbols: The craft uses symbols from stonemasonry tools, like the square and compass, to teach morality and ethics.
  3. Membership Levels: There are three main membership degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason, with additional degrees in other Masonic bodies.
  4. Worldwide Brotherhood: Freemasonry is global, with lodges worldwide practicing charity, moral uprightness, and brotherhood despite regional ritual variations.
  5. Notable Members: Many historical figures, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, and Mozart, were Freemasons.
  6. Charity Work: A key aspect of Freemasonry is its commitment to charity, supporting scholarships, medical research, and Masonic Homes for members and their families.
  7. Inclusion of Women: Traditionally male, there are now co-masonic and female-only lodges, though not all Masonic groups recognize them.
  8. Rituals: Masonic rituals, full of symbolism, are based on the construction of King Solomon’s Temple and aim to teach moral lessons.
  9. Secrecy and Myths: The secrecy of Masonic rituals has sparked speculation and conspiracy theories. Masons say their secrets are harmless and relate to internal recognition.
  10. Cultural Depictions: Freemasonry has intrigued pop culture, appearing in novels by Dan Brown and various movies and TV shows, often shrouded in mystery.

Freemasonry has significantly influenced society, culture, and charity worldwide. Despite its privacy, its societal contributions are vast and well-documented.

Font and Colors

Mason Emblem

The Square and Compasses symbol represents the idea of brotherhood. The right-angled instrument is said to represent the “alignment” of all actions so that they conform to the strict moral principles of Freemasonry. The compass symbolizes the desire for balance. It draws a kind of boundary beyond which the desires and needs of members of a secret society should not go. And the letter “G” in the middle can refer both to the builders’ philosophy (in this case, geometry is associated with the world order) and to religion. On the other hand, no dogmas define the exact meaning of the emblem. It is also not known exactly when it appeared and who created it.

A bold black font with large serifs is used for the “G” on the emblem. The width of the strokes varies, making it high-contrast. The corners of the letter are slightly rounded. The main tool colors are black and white. All the inner and outer contours are dark, while the main part is light. At the same time, Freemasons have no rules that dictate the font and color of the sign. At least, ordinary people are not aware of them.

Mason color codes

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