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MATLAB is a collection of interconnected simulation modules. The programming language of the same name appeared in the second half of the 1970s. In 1984, its developer Cleve Moler teamed up with Steve Bangert and John N. (Jack) Little to establish The MathWorks to develop the project.

Meaning and History


What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is shorthand for Matrix Laboratory. This is the name of a set of interconnected modules used as a medium for technical calculations. This mathematical software is intended primarily for scientists and engineers.

The brand logo was created in the MATLAB program. The original shape, based on a mathematical algorithm, was generated using the “membrane” command. She had several versions that have been used for 20 years. But it became the official emblem relatively recently. Then the symbol of the registered trademark appeared next to it.

The signature MATLAB graphic is a 3D L-shaped membrane – an eigenfunction of the wave equation. It describes the propagation of a wave through matter. This is a clear demonstration of what the company offers.

Lights from an invisible light source hit the figure. The mirror surface reflects bright rays. A metallic gradient creates this effect on an orange background. The copyright holder allows monochrome versions if the low-resolution print cannot accurately reproduce the full-color logo.

Font and Colors of the Emblem


The company name is written to the right of the L-shaped membrane. All letters in the word “MATLAB” are capitalized, but “M” is larger than the rest. The font is built with sharp, sweeping lines and long serifs. The base color is light blue.