The modules’ plateaus and plots’ peaks are visible in the MATLAB logo. The emblem looks like a real object, showing the virtuoso work of programs that can perform accurate calculations, process data, and create algorithms.

MATLAB: Brand overview

MATLAB is a collection of interconnected simulation modules. The programming language of the same name appeared in the second half of the 1970s. In 1984, its developer Cleve Moler teamed up with Steve Bangert and John N. (Jack) Little to establish The MathWorks to develop the project.

Meaning and History


The brand logo was created in the MATLAB program. The original shape, based on a mathematical algorithm, was generated using the “membrane” command. She had several versions that have been used for 20 years. But it became the official emblem relatively recently. Then the symbol of the registered trademark appeared next to it.

The signature MATLAB graphic is a 3D L-shaped membrane – an eigenfunction of the wave equation. It describes the propagation of a wave through matter. This is a clear demonstration of what the company offers.

What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is shorthand for Matrix Laboratory. This is the name of a set of interconnected modules used as a medium for technical calculations. This mathematical software is intended primarily for scientists and engineers.

Lights from an invisible light source hit the figure. The mirror surface reflects bright rays. A metallic gradient creates this effect on an orange background. The copyright holder allows monochrome versions if the low-resolution print cannot accurately reproduce the full-color logo.

MATLAB: Interesting Facts

MATLAB, standing for Matrix Laboratory, is a comprehensive numerical computing and programming tool created by MathWorks. It’s widely used across engineering, science, and economics for complex math calculations and visualizing data.

  1. How It Started: In the late 1970s, Cleve Moler at the University of New Mexico developed MATLAB to help students use LINPACK and EISPACK without learning Fortran. It was all about simplifying matrix operations.
  2. Going Commercial: MATLAB wasn’t just for schools. Seeing its wider potential, Jack Little, Cleve Moler, and Steve Bangert founded MathWorks in 1984, bringing MATLAB to a broader audience.
  3. Toolboxes: MATLAB’s toolboxes are a big deal. They’re sets of functions for specific tasks, like signal processing or machine learning, making MATLAB incredibly versatile.
  4. Simulink: Launched in 1988, Simulink is an add-on for graphical simulations and designing dynamic systems, widely used in control engineering.
  5. MATLAB Central: This online community is a hub for users to share code, get advice, and connect, enriching the MATLAB experience.
  6. Works Everywhere: MATLAB runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it adaptable for various computing needs.
  7. Educational Use: It’s a popular teaching tool worldwide for engineering and science. MathWorks offers resources and special pricing for schools.
  8. Regular Updates: MathWorks updates MATLAB twice yearly, adding features and fixing bugs to keep it at the forefront of scientific computing.
  9. Real-world Impact: Engineers and scientists use MATLAB for important projects, from climate analysis to spacecraft systems, showing their real-world value.
  10. From Algorithms to Applications: Beyond creating algorithms, MATLAB lets users deploy these solutions in various software and hardware, extending its utility.

These points underline MATLAB’s role as a vital tool in turning mathematical concepts into practical solutions, essential in engineering, science, and more.

Font and Colors


The company name is written to the right of the L-shaped membrane. All letters in the word “MATLAB” are capitalized, but “M” is larger than the rest. The font is built with sharp, sweeping lines and long serifs. The base color is light blue.

MATLAB color codes

Sea SerpentHex color:#49c3c3
RGB:73 195 195
CMYK:63 0 0 24
Pantone:PMS 3262 C
Vivid YellowHex color:#ffdd0d
RGB:255 221 13
CMYK:0 13 95 0
Pantone:PMS 108 C
Bulgarian RoseHex color:#450b0e
RGB:69 11 14
CMYK:0 84 80 73
Pantone:PMS 188 C
International OrangeHex color:#be2909
RGB:190 41 9
CMYK:0 78 95 25
Pantone:PMS 485 C
Spanish OrangeHex color:#e86e05
RGB:232 110 5
CMYK:0 53 98 9
Pantone:PMS 1585 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What is the MATLAB logo?

The logo of the software package depicts a convex shape that was created based on the wave equation. It is unevenly lit from the front and is painted golden brown.

Where is the MATLAB icon stored?

First, you need to open the MATLAB folder in Program Files, go to the directory where the software version number is written, click on bin there, then on win32 (or win64, depending on the computer architecture), find the matlab.ico file.

Is MATLAB used in 2020?

Yes, the MATLAB service is still used by numerous companies and developers.

What is the shape of the MATLAB logo?

The MATLAB logo is shaped like a three-dimensional L-shaped membrane.