Melting Face Emoji

Melting Face Emoji

Melting Face Emoji is one of the new symbols that joined Unicode 14.0 in 2021. The code for the image is U+1FAE0. The image immediately became very popular. The emoji is considered a positive sign, as the face is smiling. However, some meanings of the emoji are quite spicy and not suitable for sending to strangers.

Meaning and use of the Melting Face Emoji

Emoji Melting Face

The image conveys heat, both literally and figuratively. In strong sunlight, objects start to melt, just like the image. The character is in a situation where it is very hot. And it’s not to say that the situation is disappointing to the face. It’s a pleasant languor and bliss.

Millions of people face global warming every day. Therefore, heat of 30 or even 50 degrees Celsius is a reality for many. Sending the Melting Face Emoji, a person seems to say, “God, it’s hot!” “I’m going to melt from this scorching sun.” The picture conveys the noon heat, relaxation on the beach, abnormal heat, and a journey through the desert. It is quite appropriate to use the emoji to talk about a broken air conditioner, as a result of which office workers are suffering from the heat.

As for the figurative meanings, let’s talk about them now.

  • The well-known expression “burning with shame” fits the image perfectly. When something shameful is revealed, the culprit gets hot, starts to sweat, and the temperature rises. The image shows a person who is uncomfortable and ready to “sink through the ground.”
  • Another reason to become inconspicuous and slowly “slink away” from a company or conversation is embarrassment. The smiley turns into a fluid substance and seems to seep through the cracks, escaping. For example, the icon can also be sent after a pleasant embarrassment after a successful compliment. The emoji shows that you are flattered and overwhelmed.
  • Relaxation after terror. At the end of a strong fright, legs become weak, and a person seems to collapse and fall powerless into a seat. The smiley is happy that the problem is over. The sender seems to say, “Phew, that was close!” “Finally, it’s all over.”
  • “Oh, how sweet he is,” “When I see him, my heart melts.” The emoji expresses adoration when a person can’t help but smile. This usually happens in relation to small children. But the object of affection can be not only a person: an animal, a work of art. Anything that charms and endears.
  • Sometimes, you get upset with someone, decide to punish them, or sulk. But all it takes is for them to look at you, make “puppy eyes,” or say something with a certain intonation, and all the offense and resolve to be strict evaporates. This kind of “melting” is what the symbol talks about.

Melting Face Emojis

The Melting Face Emoji also hints at sexual desire. The image suggests softening at the sight of an object of passion when a person agrees to anything for the sake of their love. Therefore, if you’re not talking about the weather in your message, consider whether the emoji might be misinterpreted.

The image can also refer to a person who is soft-bodied, easily submissive, and susceptible to others’ influence. Here, the emoji acquires a not-so-pleasant connotation. A wimp, a mama’s boy, a pushover – these are some synonyms for the image. Those who receive such a sign are accused of being unable to stand up for themselves, their opinions, or their beliefs. And the image shows the sender’s disappointment.

The picture can be interpreted as a symbol of surrender. The face in the image is open and vulnerable. All masks are off, and the game or battle is over. The sender is completely exposed and surrenders to the mercy of the victor. They no longer have the strength to fight. A person in such a state can be easily hurt. Therefore, don’t send such a message lightly, and upon receiving the picture, don’t react impulsively.

Final thoughts

The simplest and most straightforward interpretation of the symbol is a message about extreme heat. However, in most cases, the Melting Face Emoji is about something sweet and wonderful that makes us forgive, smile, and be touched: about a cute child, the captivating eyes of a loved one, incredible landscapes, or beauty for whom one would give half a kingdom.

But sometimes, especially next to angry emojis, the symbol acts as an accusation of being soft-bodied and indulgent to oneself or others. The symbol suggests it’s time to show some character and tackle the task firmly and decisively.

Emojis Melting Face

The 🫠 emoji can symbolize feeling overwhelmed, not just by climatic adversities but also by life’s pressures and the chaos of unexpected situations. Its use conveys a moment of capitulation to forces, whether they be of nature, emotion, or circumstance, that renders one’s usual resilience moot. From embarrassment to sheer joy, the melting face can express a spectrum of intense emotions that seem to ‘melt away’ one’s composure. It’s particularly effective in conveying feelings that cause one to ‘lose face’ or feel a sense of dissolution in their emotional stability.

Text examples:

  • “Tried the ghost pepper challenge 🫠🌶️… why do I do this to myself?”. Here, the combination with a chili pepper emoji amplifies the sensation of extreme heat, both literal and metaphorical, suggesting a physical and emotional melting away under intense spice.
  • “This week has been non-stop 🫠💼. Ready to collapse into the weekend.” Coupled with a briefcase, the melting face illustrates the weariness and ‘melting’ resolve after enduring a relentless work schedule.
  • “Showed up to a black-tie event in jeans 🫠👖.” This usage highlights a social discomfort, where the melting face represents the dissolving of confidence in an incongruent setting.