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The Mentos logo represents freshness and fun. It is known for its refreshing taste and variety of flavors. The logo highlights the brand’s dynamic and youthful nature, offering consumers an easy and enjoyable way to refresh themselves anytime. The logo also reflects the company’s global reach, symbolizing its presence in people’s lives worldwide and its ability to adapt to different cultural preferences.

Mentos: Brand overview

Back in 1932, in Breda, Netherlands, the van Melle brothers, Michael and Pierre, started something big with just mint candies. They named their creation Mentos, inspired by “munt,” the Dutch word for “coin,” hinting at the candy’s shape.

Mentos didn’t stay in the Netherlands for long. By the mid-20th century, it began winning over European people, first in Germany, Belgium, and France. This was just the start of its journey to worldwide popularity.

A breakthrough came in 1972 when Mentos arrived in the United States, marking its leap into international fame. In the following years, they brought more flavors and the roll packaging we know today.

The 1990s were a game-changer for Mentos, as Van Melle merged with the Italian company Perfetti to form Perfetti Van Melle. This move and catchy marketing, such as the “Mentos Man” ads and the “The Freshmaker” slogan, solidified Mentos’s place in the global candy market.

In the 2000s, Mentos gained viral fame with the “Diet Coke and Mentos” experiments, which showed off the brand’s fun side. This led to the “Pure Fresh Gum” launch in 2005, expanding Mentos’s range into the gum market.

Recently, Mentos has kept up with changing tastes, introducing products like the Gum Pocket Bottle and targeting younger audiences with savvy marketing campaigns.

Meaning and History

Mentos Logo History

What is Mentos?

Mentos is a popular candy brand known for its chewy dragees and chewing gum. The brand offers various flavors, including fruit, mint, and limited edition options. Mentos has established itself as a freshness and youth culture symbol, often featuring fun and dynamic advertising campaigns.

1932 – 1975

Mentos Logo 1932

Established between 1932 and 1975, Mentos originally featured a logo with thin lowercase blue letters. This design aimed to make the brand seem friendly and approachable. The blue color was chosen for its calming effect and to make the brand appear open and trustworthy. It also nodded to the brand’s modest start, suggesting that even major brands begin small.

The founder of Mentos reintroduced a unique candy recipe from his travels abroad, marking a significant point in the company’s history. This introduced sophisticated and exotic flavors into their products. The limited initial production was mirrored in the logo’s thin and elegant letters, indicating the candy’s uniqueness and exclusivity.

The blue in the logo represented the minty freshness that Mentos is known for, aligning well with the mint flavor of the candies. Each aspect of the logo was carefully chosen to reflect the product’s key characteristics.

1975 – 2000

Mentos Logo 1975

In 1975, the Mentos brand updated its logo. The changes included a lighter appearance and thicker lettering, although the font and the candy recipe stayed the same. This update was tied to significant developments for Mentos.

The logo’s thinner letters represented the brand’s move into the U.S. market, a crucial step in becoming more competitive globally. The logo’s new look also showcased Mentos’ growth and confidence. Around the same time, Mentos introduced fruit and cinnamon flavors, expanding its range to meet consumer preferences.

The design of each letter in the logo suggested the shape of candy rolls and Mentos’ new packaging style. This design made the candies easy to carry and enjoy anytime, helping the brand stand out. New serifs on the letters also highlighted Mentos’ freshness and unique taste, making the product more distinctive.

2000 – 2006

Mentos Logo 2000

When Perfetti Van Melle bought Mentos, it was a major event for the candy brand. The acquisition helped Mentos become more available and recognized worldwide. The logo was updated to reflect this change; the letters were widened to show the brand’s wide reach and popularity across different cultures and places.

The logo’s blue color was also lightened a bit. This change made the logo more inviting and stood out more. It was meant to make people think of the brand as light, fresh, and friendly. This lighter blue helps make the logo more memorable and reinforces the company’s focus on a positive image and building trust with customers worldwide.

2006 – today

Mentos Logo

The Mentos logo was redesigned to add volume and light shadows, which enhanced its appearance significantly. This change refreshed the logo and marked the introduction of chewing gum to the Mentos product line. The new design elements, resembling large chewing gum pads and bubbles, give the logo a three-dimensional and contemporary look, indicating a new direction for the brand.

The logo now features lighter white shades, enhancing its freshness and purity. White is associated with cleanliness, aligning well with the qualities of Mentos chewing gum. This design emphasizes the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality products that are enjoyable and fresh.

Font and Colors

The Mentos logo has become more minimalist. The letters now feature shorter serifs and a slightly rounded shape, making the logo look modern and attractive.

The logo uses a bold serif font with playful touches and 3D-like effects, giving it depth and making it friendly and inviting. This custom-designed appearance helps in easy recognition and readability.

It’s blue, which matches the fresh, minty taste of Mentos products. Blue evokes a sense of trust, reliability, and freshness, typical qualities associated with breath-freshening products.

The Mentos logo’s design smartly reflects the brand’s values and the characteristics of its products, making it appealing and easy to spot for consumers.


What is the tagline of Mentos?

Mentos’s current slogan, “Stay Fresh,” highlights what the brand is all about, giving a refreshing boost with its candies and how we see life and daily situations. This slogan shows Mentos’s dedication to brightening lives and lifting people’s spirits.

In the ’80s and ’90s, Mentos was called “The Freshmaker.” This slogan perfectly fits the brand, emphasizing that a Mentos candy could instantly make you feel refreshed and happy. It went beyond marketing—it became a part of who Mentos was, brought to life in commercials that depicted individuals improving their day with Mentos. These commercials made it clear that Mentos was about more than fresh breath; it was about a new perspective on life.

Is Mentos an Israeli product?

Mentos, a candy famous for its refreshing taste, has existed since 1932. Perfetti Van Melle, a big company in the candy and gum world, makes it. Mentos has spread to over 130 countries, including Israel, starting in the Netherlands.

Mentos is not from Israel; it’s very popular there. The candies are Kosher certified, which means they follow Jewish dietary laws. This certification comes from Chug Chasam Sofer Bnei Brak and the Rabbinate of Israel, making Mentos more appealing in Israel and other places. Mentos’s growth from a favorite in Europe to a worldwide treat highlights its success in adapting and appealing to various cultures. This includes offering Kosher versions for those in Israel.

What is the origin of Mentos?

In 1932, Michael and Pierre van Melle devised the idea for Mentos while on a train to Poland. They wanted to create a new type of candy with a peppermint flavor mixed into caramel, which was quite innovative at the time—this moment of inspiration during their train ride marked the beginning of Mentos, a candy now known for its refreshing flavor. Since then, Mentos has evolved into a favorite around the globe, and it is appreciated for its unique taste and texture. Today, people in over 130 countries enjoy Mentos, transforming it from a clever idea into a widely loved brand.

What is the brand of Mentos?

Mentos belongs to Perfetti Van Melle, a top company in the candy and gum world, combining Italian Perfetti’s and Dutch Van Melle’s expertise. Known for its chewy candies in various flavors, Mentos gained fame since its introduction in the 1930s. Its creative commercials and the well-known Mentos and soda experiment highlight a fun chemical reaction. Over the years, Perfetti Van Melle has expanded Mentos’s product line to include mint, fruit, special flavors, and gum and sugar-free varieties.