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The Merrill Lynch logo demonstrates strength and power. The company is not to be led astray if the goal is set. The emblem contains a hint of a golden calf, which is a symbol of wealth collected in one place. The conglomerate guarantees the reliability of deposits and competent investments.

Merrill Lynch: Brand overview

Founded:January 6, 1914
Founder:Charles E. Merrill, Edmund C. Lynch
New York, U.S.

Merrill Lynch became the largest investment bank and proudly carried it until 2008 when it was acquired by the similarly giant conglomerate Bank of America. It should be admitted that the abolished organization itself once bought up other firms. Its structure included:

  • At least one investment company.
  • A brokerage firm.
  • An insurance company.
  • An institution that was involved in asset management.

The financial crisis changed everything: the owners were forced to sell the bank to save it when losses reached $ 21 billion for the quarter.

Meaning and History

Merrill Lynch Logo History

Now Merrill Lynch continues to exist, but under a new name and in a completely different form. In 2019, 11 years after the merger, the divisions were merged with Bank of America’s corresponding parts: the trading business and investment banking were transferred to BofA Securities. Only the Merrill brand remained, providing asset management services.

All this was reflected in the visual identification of the financial company. After the merger, the designers emphasized its affiliation with BofA, combining the phrase “MERRILL LYNCH” in the logo with a two-color flag symbol and Bank of America. In 2019, corporate branding changed again with the iconic bull emblem’s return, similar to the one used before 2008.

What is Merrill Lynch?

Merrill Lynch is the asset management division of Bank of America. Its official name is Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated.

1914 – 2009

Merrill Lynch Logo 1914-2019

The logo bore the organization’s name, derived from the names of the founders: Charles E. Merrill and Edmund C. Lynch. Their joint history began in 1914 when they headed their own investment company. The business grew and developed rapidly. By the early 1970s, an unexpected problem arose: the brand name did not correspond to the financial institution’s high standing. It looked like a nice but not very memorable combination of letters “MLF.” Therefore, the management decided to develop a completely different concept, creating a catchy visual series.

At first, the bank’s owners were going to use geese’s image flying south, but they quickly abandoned this idea due to the lack of financial connection. They then remembered that one of Wall Street’s symbols (the historical center of the Financial District) is a bull. This animal symbolizes the rise in prices due to its sharp, upward horns. Also, bulls have been associated with Merrill Lynch ever since it was nicknamed Thundering Herd of Wall Street.

The idea was picked up and developed by Roger Butler, head of New York-based marketing agency Ogilvy. As part of the new “bull” campaign, promotional videos with running animals, a patriotic slogan, and a logo were created. The bull featured on all accompanying materials, business cards, and letterheads has been nicknamed Lightning because of its belly’s zigzag line. It was always to the left of the name Merrill Lynch, written in bold serif letters. For the design of the text, the designers used the Aken Bold font.

2009 – 2019

Merrill Lynch Logo 2009

In January 2009, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated became Bank of America’s property and part of the BofA Securities division. The changes that took place were reflected in its visual identification. Beneath the “MERRILL LYNCH” lettering, which has had its rectangular serifs removed, the phrase “Bank of America Corporation” was added to show the brand’s owner. The letters in the second line were written in small, thin type, which made it possible to make the logo proportional. At the same time, the image of the bull did not disappear anywhere: it remained standing on the left side and retained its white color. But the contours of the animal and all the letters have become dark blue to the new corporate identity requirements.

2019 – today

Merrill Logo 2019-present

In 2008, Bank of America was forced to buy the loss-making company Merrill Lynch and re-branded by the end of the following year. In February 2019, another global event took place: from the financial structure, which was a highly developed bank before the crisis, the asset management division of Merrill remained. BofA, a multinational holding company, launched a massive advertising campaign to draw attention to the change. And not long before that, a new brand logo appeared: its name (left), supplemented by the old bull image (right) and the inscription “A BANK OF AMERICA COMPANY” (below).

Merrill Lynch: Interesting Facts

Merrill Lynch, officially known as Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., has been a big name in global financial services for over a century.

  1. Starting Point: Founded in 1914 by Charles E. Merrill and soon joined by Edmund C. Lynch, it began with investment banking and quickly added wealth management and brokerage services, bringing financial services to the wider public.
  2. Retail Brokerage Innovation: Merrill Lynch made the stock market more accessible to everyday Americans by introducing financial analysis for the public, helping grow the U.S. securities market.
  3. Bull Symbol: The firm’s bull logo symbolizes strength, stability, and optimism, embodying its dedication to helping clients succeed financially.
  4. Global Expansion: Merrill Lynch became a worldwide operation, offering a broad range of financial services, including banking, investment management, and financial advice.
  5. Financial Education: The firm has always emphasized financial education, providing resources to help people learn about investing, personal finance, and managing wealth.
  6. Technological Leadership: Merrill Lynch has integrated technology into finance, being among the first to offer computerized stock trading and online brokerage services.
  7. Bank of America Acquisition: In 2008, during the financial crisis, Bank of America acquired Merrill Lynch, creating one of the world’s biggest financial service conglomerates known for its wealth management prowess.
  8. Wealth Management Success: Now called Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, it’s part of Bank of America and is a top-ranked global wealth management firm.
  9. Role in Financial Milestones: Merrill Lynch has played a role in many key financial moments, from advising on big mergers to managing large IPOs and navigating crises.
  10. Community and Cultural Contributions: Beyond finance, Merrill Lynch has supported education, health, and economic development causes. It has also sponsored cultural events, highlighting its social responsibility.

From its beginnings in retail brokerage to its current status as a leading wealth management firm under Bank of America, Merrill Lynch’s history is marked by innovation, expansion, and a deep commitment to client service.

Font and Colors

Merrill Lynch Emblem

Earlier, the bull on the Merrill Lynch emblem symbolized not just personal wealth but a whole community. It was a reflection of global financial growth, stability, strength, and self-confidence. The effect was amplified by old commercials featuring a huge Texas longhorn.

The modern image of a bull is no different from the previous one. The animal, as before, is drawn in a minimalistic cartoon style so that only the silhouette is visible. But now, this image has lost its meaning and is used simply as a cult sign of Merrill Lynch.

The century-old brand once had a logo in which its name was written in Aken Bold. Then the serif typeface replaced the serif. The designers took one of the standard grotesques and made individual changes to the letters. Now the middle “M” looks like a sharp downward angle, and the top horizontal line at “E” is cut diagonally.

Merrill Lynch Symbol

Medium Persian Blue (# 0061AA) lends lettering and graphic elements the distinctive charm that characterizes Bank of America’s corporate identity.


What is the symbol for Merrill Lynch?

A bull symbolizes a well-known American investment and wealth management firm. The bull represents the strength and optimism of financial markets, reflecting the brand’s focus on growth-oriented investment strategies. This symbol matches the company’s mission to provide clients with strong financial guidance and support.

The company has become a major player in the financial sector, and the bull has become a recognizable sign of trust and financial expertise. The brand’s dedication to clients and consistent performance in investment management make the bull a fitting symbol of its values and goals.

What is Merrill Lynch’s motto?

Merrill Lynch’s motto is “ML® leading the way.” This slogan shows the company’s commitment to being a leader in the financial industry. The brand aims to guide clients through the financial world, offering expert advice and innovative solutions. Emphasizing leadership, the brand focuses on staying at the forefront of the industry, always improving and setting high standards in investment and wealth management.

What are the colors of Merrill Lynch?

The company’s colors are mainly shades of blue with a white background. These colors are used on the brand’s website and marketing materials.

The blue shades represent trust, stability, and professionalism. This aligns with the brand’s image and values, reflecting its commitment to reliable financial services. The white background gives a clean look, making the blue colors stand out.

The colors are used consistently across the brand’s digital and print media, reinforcing its identity and making it easily recognizable.

What is the Merrill Lynch logo?

The logo company features the word “MERRILL” on the top line and the phrase “A BANK OF AMERICA COMPANY” on the bottom. The text is bold and angular. To the left of “MERRILL” is a bull with its front leg raised.

The bull represents strength and optimism in the financial markets, reflecting the brand’s values and mission. The combination of the bull and strong text shows the brand’s commitment to providing solid financial services. The logo highlights the brand’s connection to Bank of America, reinforcing stability and extensive resources. This design helps build trust and recognition among clients and stakeholders.

Is Merrill Lynch a bank?

The company is not a full-fledged bank. It is a subsidiary of Bank of America that focuses on investment management and wealth management. The brand offers financial advice, investment products, and brokerage services. It does not provide traditional banking services like checking accounts, savings accounts, or loans.

Being part of Bank of America, the brand benefits from the resources and stability of its parent company. This connection helps them offer a wide range of financial services. Its main activities are centered on investments and wealth management, not traditional banking.

Is Merrill Lynch out of business?

The company is still in business. In 2008, Bank of America acquired it to save it from bankruptcy and made it a division of the larger institution. This move allowed the brand to continue its services.

Before the acquisition, it had serious financial problems during the 2008 financial crisis. Bank of America’s purchase brought stability and resources, keeping the brand active in the financial industry.

Today, the brand operates under Bank of America, providing investment management, wealth management, and financial advisory services. It benefits from the resources and stability of its parent company, helping it serve clients well.

What does Merrill Lynch do?

The company offers various financial services focused on investment and wealth management. The brand helps clients manage their investments with personalized strategies, portfolio management, and investment advice.

The brand provides financial advisory services, assisting clients with retirement planning, estate planning, and tax management to cover all aspects of their financial lives.

Brokerage services facilitate buying and selling stocks and bonds. Their brokers provide insights and advice to help clients make informed decisions.

These services cater to individuals, businesses, and institutions. With Bank of America’s resources, the brand provides strong and reliable financial solutions to help clients build and preserve their wealth.