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World-famous American company Michael Kors Holdings Limited specializes in the production of luxury clothing, shoes, and accessories. Its founder, Michael Kors, in collaboration with John Idol, emphasized youth fashion, impeccable quality at affordable prices.

Meaning and History

Michael Kors Logo History
Evolution of the Michael Kors Logo

What is Michael Kors?

This is the name and surname of the fashion designer and the name of his international company Michael Kors Holdings Limited, which was later renamed Capri Holdings Limited. The trademark was founded in 1981 and is engaged in manufacturing clothing, shoes, and accessories, including watches and bags. The holding has several offices: on the British Virgin Islands (main), in London (executive), and New York (operational).

The company was founded in 1981. Initially, the factory sewed expensive clothes for sale in high-end stores. The first company store appeared only in 2005. Today, the brand owns 500 stores in 100 countries and has more than 1,500 boutiques in chain stores.

Unique leather bags and backpacks are especially popular, each with a brand-name logo.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Michael Kors Symbol

What does the Michael Kors logo mean?

The Michael Kors logo represents the name and surname of the creator, who is also the owner of the trademark of the same name. The emblem is presented in two versions: graphic (ring with the initials MK inside) and text (full version).

The author of the brand and logo is Michael Kors himself. The logo is the name of the brand owner: Michael Kors. It is applied to the tags and the clothes themselves. Shoes and accessories are marked with the emblem. The full logo looks like a black rectangular plate; in the center is a round white emblem, and an inscription under it is the brand name, made in capital letters.

Michael Kors Emblem

What is the logo for Michael Kors?

The fashion brand Michael Kors has, in fact, two logos, which are sometimes used separately, and sometimes combined. The first one was adopted in 1981 and is “MK” in a ring. The side elements of the bold letters are combined, so it seems that they have a single leg. The second option is a detailed inscription of the name and surname of the company’s founder.

What is the font of the Michael Kors logo?

The inscription in the logo of the Michael Kors brand is made in Calson 540 font – thin, grotesque, straight, in upper case. It is recommended for all headings and subheadings and the main label for branded collections.

The branded icon is a circle made with a thick line. The letters M and K are placed inside, connected by a vertical sidewall.

Michael Kors logo watch

To write the name, the strict and elegant Sans Serif font is chosen. Clear, well-read letters without sans serifs symbolize the quality factor and quality of branded products.

The main corporate colors are black, white, and gold. Expensive items are complemented by a metal gilded emblem or solid gold with artificial diamonds.

Different color variants of the emblem are used for different collections – spring in green shades, summer – bright and saturated colors, autumn – yellow and orange. For winter models, white color is used.