Midnight Trains – european sleeper cars take on a new identity

Midnight Trains Logo

Yorgo & Co (Paris, France) has created a new identity for Midnight Trains – European sleeping cars. Now Europe will appreciate the benefits of this travel method, which Russian travelers have used for over 100 years. Expanding its destinations, Midnight Trains is laying the foundation for a network of more than ten destinations. General direction up to 1500 km from Paris. The new identity demonstrates a beneficial combination of modernity and the magnificent charm of the roaring 20s of the last century. The core of this project is to improve the travel experience – creating a more convenient, comfortable, and responsible type of transport.

Midnight Trains New Logo

The new logo represents the letter “M,” made in rails, which symbolize the path, speed, movement, travel. After all, everything happens with the help of railway cars, which will be transformed into hotels on wheels. Light shades of the logo – white font, light shades of the rail, symbolize night travel by trains. When designing the logo, a bold, lowercase, non-serif font was used. For better memorability and ease of reading at any scale, a spectacular contrast was achieved – the font was made in white on a deep dark blue background. It makes the brand name more expressive and visually appealing. Special attention in writing the text, the designers paid to the writing of the letter “G.” It is the only one in all the text that has its uppercase serif font. An important aspect of graphic design is the peculiar execution of this letter. Its tail is made in a clock hand, which plays an important role in the railway world.

Midnight Trains Emblem

Inspired by the idea of ​​creating a “boutique hotel on rails,” the agency did not stop at the logo. In cooperation with the transport design specialists, a warm and comfortable interior atmosphere typical of multi-star hotels has been created. At the same time, the pointed forms of the logo were used, allowing the creation of original but restrained patterns applied to all interior surfaces of the interior. Also, it was decided to improve its visual perception and provide more comfortable conditions for a trip spent in a “boutique hotel.” For this, the agency is negotiating with leading scent designers, sound engineers, and fashion designers.

Midnight Trains Symbol