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Minnesota Timberwolves Logo

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo
Minnesota Timberwolves Logo PNG

In 1960, Minnesota lost the NBA franchise after the Lakers team moved from Minneapolis to City of Angels. Now they are known as the Los Angeles Lakers.

The NBA franchise reappeared in Minnesota in 1989, when the Minnesota Timberwolves team was founded in Minneapolis, the largest city in the state.

The club owners announced a competition for the best name to choose the most convenient one. The most popular options were Timberwolves and Polars. To make a decision, 842 Minnesota municipal councils were polled. In the end, the club was called Minnesota Timberwolves – this one received twice as many votes.

Minnesota Timberwolves emblem
Crunch the Wolf is a mascot of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Minnesota Timberwolves logo history

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo History
Minnesota Timberwolves Logo Evolution

The club of the National Basketball Association of Minnesota Timberwolves has developed and presented its new logo. Throughout the year, designers had been working on the updated emblem. As a result, the creators of the logo preferred the variant with the evolution of the previous logos. But at the same time, designers added the elements that symbolize the state of Minnesota to the updated emblem.

In particular, the current Minnesota Timberwolves logo contains the Polar Star, marked on the state flag. The Wolf on the new emblem is looking ahead. “Of course, the team respects its past, but the new logo symbolizes the movement forward, and the desire to occupy new territory,” the official site of Minnesota writes.

Minnesota Timberwolves symbol

Rodney Richardson and RARE Design were working on the new logo. Richardson has previously collaborated with Charlotte HornetsNew Orleans PelicansAtlanta Hawks, and Memphis Grizzlies.

Richardson admitted that the work had been a truly new experience for him. The fact is that Pelicans and Hornets changed their names, but Grizzlies made another decision – they changed the city. With such serious charges, it is easier to work on new logos, while Timberwolves retained both the name and their registration.

Discussion of the new team logo caused a strong reaction among the club’s fans. According to many sports fans, the new emblem of Minnesota copied the logo of the National Hockey League (NHL) club called Arizona Coyotes, where a coyote is shown in a similar form.

The logo of this basketball club features the blue head of the howling Wolf. This picture symbolizes the cohesion of the pack (in this case, the team itself), warning strangers-rivals, and even reminds of strong ties with the family. It is worth noting that the logo also depicts a star. It is a symbol of the state of Minnesota, where the Minnesota Timberwolves team appeared in 1989.

1990 – 1996

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo 1990-1996

New Minneapolis Basketball Club appeared relatively recently – in 1989. The locals voted for the title and ultimately chose the aggressive one – Timberwolves. Accordingly, a wolf was also preferred for the Minnesota Timberwolves logo. It is depicted inside a blue-green circle, against a gray ball. The inscription was placed a little lower: the name of the state was made in small green print, and “Timberwolves” was made larger in blue.

1997 – 2008

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo 1997-2008

After holding out with the first Minnesota Timberwolves logo for six years, owners decided to change it. The first thing that stands out is the main character – the Wolf. Now the animal is depicted in a full face, with an even more aggressive expression and a growling mouth. Moreover, the color of his eyes was changed from green to poisonous yellow. To enhance the effect, green spruces were depicted on the left and right. The inscription “Minnesota” was traced below in small gray font. Beneath it, huge blue letters were indicating the word “Timberwolves.”

2009 – 2017

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo 2009-2017

The logo was changed according to upgrades in a graphic design level. After 11 years, the creators decided to avoid big changes, but only corrected the details. The Wolf’s head was displayed in several shades with white shadows on the mouth. I gave the design a more lively effect. In a more minimalist form, trees were re-drawn. The color of the inscription “Timberwolves” was white. The font was changed, too. The sharp edges were removed from the letters. Hence, the Minnesota Timberwolves emblem became neater and more sophisticated.

2017 – Present

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo 2017-Present

The new Minnesota Timberwolves logo of the club has been changed significantly except for some symbols that designers have left. As in previous years, there is the blue Wolf in the very center, depicted against the blue ball and the green star. The Wolf is depicted in profile with the open maw. The animal’s grin symbolizes courage and energy with which the team moves on its way to glory. It is worth noting that the green eyes and the same color for the star were not chosen by chance. This is both a hint of the green state of Minnesota and the color of huge buds on the trees, which are in abundance in this state.