Modern logo for DeMarini

DeMarini Logo

DeMarini is one of the leading manufacturers of baseball and softball bats and rackets and gloves in America. Founded by Ray DeMarini in 1989 in Hillsboro, the company has announced a new product line that will feature a brand new logo. Its development is the merit of the brand’s creative team. The constant implementation of innovative solutions in the structural performance of sports equipment manufactured by the company is the main philosophy of the American brand. In 1989, the newly opened production immediately began to produce rackets, which were distinguished by their high manufacturability at that time and had significant advantages and convenience over their counterparts. In 1995, DeMarini created a double-walled racket that dramatically increased hitting power.

DeMarini New Logo

In 2000, the company became part of Wilson Sporting Goods, significantly expanding the brand’s research and product design capabilities. As early as 2012, the product range included sportswear for baseball and softball players. The company’s changes in its design, emblem, and logo are a tribute to modernity and the need to reflect innovation. DeMarini RAYZR’D is today the best line of the company’s special sports equipment. At the same time, the new DeMarini RAYZR’D logo demonstrates the connection with the brand’s history – the leader in the field of innovative baseball bats and the modern design of sports equipment. Very high requirements were imposed on its visualization since the sign occupies the most prominent place on the product.

DeMarini Emblem

The version of the logo, repeating the outlines of the home plate, turned out to be the most effective. Its modern graphic design imbued the emblem with movement and power, providing visual transmission with the passion DeMarini embarks on the development of each new design. The idea was so successful that it looked impressive even without the brand name. It is easy to remember and provides the desired visual impression on users. Its sharp corners are a symbolic reference to the characteristic features of the founder of the brand, at the same time emphasizing his initials. At a certain rotation angle in hand, the sign allows you to see the letter “R,” then “D.”

DeMarini Before and After Logo (history)