Moopers new brand for pugs

Moopers Logo

Today, pets are in vogue again. Small or large, shaggy or hairless, soft or thorny, common or exotic. You can afford to have almost any animal at home; it all depends on the owner’s preferences.

Yet traditionally, modern society prefers dogs and cats. And suppose you take into account the practicality. In that case, they choose small and obedient dogs, with whom there will be no hassle and the care will be minimal because it is often difficult to look after due to the work schedule or the discrepancy between the breed and the pet’s environment.

Today, one of the ways to deal with stress and not feel lonely is to keep a cute, tame dog. Specifically, the most common inhabitants of homes are terriers, spitzes, and pugs. The pug breed is so popular and loved that many memes have been created on the Internet, and many stories have been told about the funny behavior of pets.

Moopers New Logo

The Moopers brand was created in 2021. The company offers specialty products for pugs and their owners. It is also an online community, a content base with articles and instructions for use. By the way, this brand is a subsidiary of Witzig, which The Fetchery operates.

Since pugs themselves are cute animals with a special appearance, it was decided that both the logo and the overall identity should reflect the dog’s nature as it is. The design was handled by ThoughtMatter (New York) and Gemma Correll (Orange County), who developed illustrations. Both the drawings and the logo reflect the strong-willed and affectionate nature of the pugs. The brand’s rounded font, details in the form of body parts of a pug, eye-pleasing shades close to the natural colors of dogs indicate the naturalness and effectiveness of the brand. This graphic logo, using symbolic elements, became an inspiration for designers who continued their work in the key of grooming, feeding, playing, and clothing for pets.

Moopers Emblem

Brilliantly executed caricature and humorous sketches by Gemma Correll in the form of dog food, a sleeping face, and some other stylizations, colorfully play out the everyday situations that the owners of wonderful pugs encounter daily. By and large, these illustrations could be applied to any other breed. But the brand’s name does not allow one to be distracted by another representative of the domestic fauna, which, in combination with identifying drawings, creates an atmosphere of love and affection for small animals.
With the set tone of identity, the initiators of the design and the creators of the brand have established a strong bond between humans and animals. It may well be that Moopers will rebrand soon, as there is the confidence that the success of one subsidiary brand will generate even more interest and contribute to the emergence of a new line in the niche. This will logically lead to an expansion of the brand and, probably, an increase in the advertising campaign for new pet care products.