Moss – the sprout of creativity

Moss Logo

The newly minted company to improve the working area in computer technology Moss appeared just recently, and not a year has passed. The brand creates space for creativity, technically providing simplicity, reliability, and accessibility of creative processes. This is the organization, optimization, and simplification of the entire desktop that a person needs at a certain period of vigorous activity.

RegretsOnly agency (Boston) was contacted for the development of the logo.

Moss Emblem

Analytical work was carried out, during which the conclusion comes to the fore: for those who will see the brand, it is necessary to give strong support so that there is no connection with the name. You need a visual game, a bold and lively picture that embodies coherence, germination, and completeness. There was an idea to depict a flexible blade of grass as a symbol of the beginning and continuation of invisible lines. The idea of ​​a “working” atmosphere and environment penetrates our everyday lives and does not clog our minds.

The use of natural elements, the presentation of the anima, a living microorganism associated with the majestic microcosm, was an excellent implementation of the concept of the initiators of the new image.

Moss New Logo

A white sprout against a black background of a rounded square, as if inscribed by nature itself (or maybe a child’s hand?), Harmonizes perfectly with the black rounded font. The logo and the name look simple and concise; nothing needs to be added. The square looks like a field or work area where the most important thing happens – the manifestation of creative power in the form of a blade of grass.

Aesthetically, despite the black-and-white nature of the visual solution and metaphorically, the name is played up, which is difficult to associate with creativity. The designers highlighted the company’s virtues – creation, growth, and support. This, perhaps, is what eats the brand values ​​transmitted to the target audience.