Murf’s Refined New Image

Murf Electric Bikes Logo New

In 2016, Murf Electric Bikes launched to improve the surfing experience by providing quick and efficient transportation to remote surf spots. Recently, Murf has taken a significant step forward by unveiling a new logo and refreshing its brand identity, signaling its evolution and commitment to excellence in the electric bike market.

The original logo featured a playful and slightly amateurish “M” that was distinctive and captured the essence of Murf’s focus on electric beach cruisers. It also included an image of Murf the dog, which creatively mirrored the “M” shape, adding a unique and charming element to the design. This logo effectively conveyed the brand’s adventurous and fun spirit.

Murf Electric Bikes Logo Evolution

The redesigned logo starkly departs from the original by adopting a more refined and sophisticated style. The new logo positions Murf as a serious player in the lifestyle sports category, reflecting its maturity and readiness to broaden its market reach. The new “Murf” wordmark is dynamic and designed to convey speed and reliability, instantly giving the impression that Murf is a brand synonymous with high performance and quality.

This new logo incorporates a tilted circle around the brand name, adding a contemporary twist to the traditional wordmark style. The characters “u,” “r,” and “f” in the logo are uniquely proportioned, with the “u” notably wider, creating an eye-catching visual flow. The “M” is particularly striking, featuring a dynamic swash that adds flair, though its placement might benefit from slight optical adjustments for better alignment.

Murf Electric Bikes Logo Old

Accompanying the refreshed logo, Murf introduced exciting typography animations developed by MCKL Type’s owners. These animations add vibrancy and life to the brand across various platforms. These animations smoothly transition into static designs used in marketing materials, such as shipping boxes and promotional content, making the branding cohesive and impactful.
The new design maintains the original illustration of Murf the dog, linking to the brand’s roots while preserving its playful legacy. However, using this illustration in white on a black background has raised concerns about potentially altering its intended friendly and approachable look.

Murf Electric Bikes’ new branding is a significant upgrade, transforming its image from a quirky, local brand to one that appeals to a wider mainstream audience.