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The vigorous activity allows the organization to rise higher and higher towards the sun – says the NAB logo. The emblem is filled with energy and a desire for leadership. And success is based on knowledge and sober calculation.

NAB: Brand overview

Melbourne, Australia
NAB is an acronym for National Australia Bank, formed in 1982 as the National Commercial Banking Corporation of Australia Limited. It is now one of Australia’s four largest financial institutions and ranks twenty-first globally among the most influential banks in terms of total assets. Now he owns over 1,600 service centers and branches within the country and abroad – in Asia and New Zealand. The bank’s head office is located in Melbourne.

Meaning and History

NAB Logo History

The basis of the initial structure that laid the foundation for nab (it is in this version that the current name is written) was two progenitor companies. The first is the National Bank of Australasia, and the second is the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney. Together, they formed a finance corporation that was later transformed into National Australia Bank. The former banks’ identity has not been preserved since the newcomer started everything from scratch.

The inflow of money supply after the merger helped the significant expansion of offshore companies. At the end of the 20th century, NAB opened its own offices in Beijing, San Francisco, New Delhi, Atlanta, Athens, Seoul, Shanghai, and many other major centers globally. He also acquired Scottish and Irish banks, changing their logos.

The most difficult period in his activity fell from 2000 to 2005, when he was forced to sell his assets. This marked the beginning of a new stage in the bank’s development with a logo redesign. There were two of them in total.

What is NAB?

This is the acronym of the National Australia Bank group of monetary institutions, which is part of The Big Four. It was formed in 1982 due to the merger of two large banking institutions. In the 1990s, NAB expanded outside of Australia, opening branches in Asia, Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

1982 – 2006

National Australia Bank Logo 1982-2006

National Australia Bank emerged due to the mergers of the largest financial structures and significant banking market players. He received a personal logo – laconic, discreet, but meaningful. The logo was divided into two parts: the first was a personal distinguishing sign (left), the second was a grotesque inscription (right).

The graphic designation was a seven-pointed red star with two white stripes. They began on one of the rays and went far beyond the middle but did not reach the opposite edge. Next to it was the word “National.” It was written in lowercase letters, except for the first one: “N” was capitalized. Simultaneously, “l” surpassed everyone in height, yielding only to the point above “I,” which was very large.

2006 – today

National Australia Bank Logo (NAB) 2006-present

After the bank went through the hardest period of its career, it again began to rebuild and began with a logo redesign. The star is repainted from red to orange and moved from a white background to black in the current version, so it looks very catchy and advantageous. But the main color is uneven – gradient transitions complement it from peach to tangerine. The edges of the rays have a darkened outline. The two white stripes are replaced by deep chisels that resemble ragged scratches with a sharp tip. Below is the abbreviation “nab” in lowercase serifs.

NAB: Interesting Facts

The National Australia Bank (NAB) is a major player in Australia’s banking sector, with a deep history and a big role in the country’s economy.

  1. Early Days: NAB started in 1858 in Melbourne as the National Bank of Australasia, marking the early expansion of Australia’s banking.
  2. Growth Through Mergers: NAB became larger over time, notably merging with the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney in 1982, boosting its operations.
  3. Worldwide Operations: Known mainly in Australia, NAB also operates internationally, including in the US, UK, and Asia, though it has reduced some overseas activities.
  4. Banking Innovations: NAB is a leader in banking innovation. In the 1990s, it introduced internet banking, changing how Australians handle their money.
  5. Renewable Energy Support: NAB aims to finance $70 billion by 2025 for climate action and renewable energy projects, showing its commitment to a greener future.
  6. Sponsorships: It supports Australian Rules Football and other areas, highlighting its community involvement.
  7. Digital Banking: NAB invests in digital technology and fintech partnerships, improving its services with apps, digital wallets, and online tools.
  8. Diversity and Inclusion: The bank is recognized for promoting workplace diversity and supporting women, indigenous Australians, and the LGBTQ+ community.
  9. Financial Education: NAB teaches people about money management through various programs and resources.
  10. Navigating Crises: It has weathered several financial crises, including the 2008 global downturn, adapting its strategies to remain resilient.

NAB’s journey mirrors the broader changes in the global financial industry. It maintains its leadership through innovation, a commitment to sustainability, and community involvement.

Font and Colors

NAB Emblem

The bank’s logo changed only once – after it got out of a difficult situation and began a new round of activity. Despite the adjustments, there was always a star with seven rays in it. Now it, together with the abbreviated name, is placed in a wide vertical rectangle.

For the debut logo, the bank chose a typeface close to SoftMaker’s Limerick Serial Heavy Italic. The only difference is the more spacious lettering. In the second case, the inscription is made in a modified font, reminiscent of Exo Slab Pro Bold.

NAB Symbol

The corporate palette consists of black (letters, background), red (star), white (word), and orange (star in the second version of the logo). The latter color has a wide range of shades – from light # f7815a to dark # f1270d.

NAB color codes

RedHex color:#ed0000
RGB:237 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 7
Pantone:PMS 172 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does the NAB logo mean?

In lower case, the word nab is both an acronym for the banking group and a term meaning to catch, to grasp. The six rays of the star represent the British colonies, which founded the Commonwealth of Australia. The seventh ray symbolizes the moment of the appearance of the National Australia Bank, and the two white stripes on it represent the main divisions of the company: the NAB and the MLC.

What is the font of the NAB logo?

The designers chose a modified rectangular serif font for the NAB logo. It belongs to the category of low-contrast; that is, the width of the strokes is about the same everywhere. All the letters are lowercase. Approximately similar typefaces are Exo Slab Pro Bold and TheMix.