Najma – new visualization of halal meat products

Najma Logo

The British brand Najma’s ambition to double the size of its halal cooked meat category has led to the need to turn to professionals. This task was entrusted to branding professionals – StormBrands consulting agency. In creative development, the designers created a unique idea of ​​the product being produced, making this halal world accessible to everyone who wants to get to know it better. Considering that Halal is not only meat allowed in Islam, it is a lifestyle that includes many rules and is related to any area of ​​human life, nutrition, hygiene, clothing and appearance, recreation and entertainment, finance and work, relationships, and the environment.

Najma New Logo

The agency tried to reflect this correspondence to the foundations of Halal in the formation of Najma’s identity. The main goal was to ensure the possibility of preserving traditional halal consumers while attracting modern and completely new fans of Halal. By adopting a strategy of inspiration for a modern pastime based on a completely renewed value system, StormBrands has achieved the desired result. Traditions and modernity, united by a new design system, the latest digital processing and visual transmission of information “at the top of her voice,” made the rebranding particularly effective and attractive in detail and concisely.

Najma Emblem

The new bright and unique graphic image based on the geometry of the unique Oriental arabesques used in each of the brand’s applications became a real discovery. The original combination of the past with the main, shining brand symbol – the star (Najma), located above the letter “J,” only enhances the effect on the viewer, providing recognition and ease of remembering. The brand name is executed in a dark green color, and the outline of the arabesque on the inner yellow field of which the word – Najma is applied. This composition was so well chosen that it looks harmoniously in combination with any background when applied to the packaging of various types of halal products of the brand. The packages are made in colorful and varied shades that are characteristic only for a particular group of products to increase the visual perception. The logo with a light yellow tint located in the upper part stands out and catches the eye.

Najma Before and After Logo (history)