NB Private Capital changed its name and introduced a new logo

Versity Investments Logo

The company goes beyond its activities and expands its specialization.

The updated name of the company is Versity Investments. She specializes in real estate investments, namely housing for students and large families. The rebranding symbolizes the expansion of boundaries and scope and a change in strategy within the company.

The company has grown from a small business to a medium-sized player, plans and strategy have also changed during its activity. The Versity Investments logo is made up of six triangles that combine to create one large shape. The color palette saturates the image with orange and yellow tones.

Versity Investments New Logo

“Through its investor-centered approach to real estate investment, Versity identifies the evolving goals and objectives of investors to create real estate project strategies that align with those goals. With a focus on institutional investment, development, and expansion into new real estate markets, CEOs felt it was time to rebrand and update the company name to reflect its evolution, ”says Versity Investments on its website.

The organization has 30 properties in 17 states, has attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in investment, and continues to grow. Versity Investments ranked 129th among the fastest-growing private companies in 2017.

NB Private Capital and Versity Investments New and Old Logo

Versity Investments Emblem