New brand Pave

Pave Logo

The newly minted Pave brand has only recently appeared. He is not even a year old, but he has already lit sparks in the eyes of grateful users. Despite such a “young age,” the company manages to enter the market, analyze competitors on the way to success, implement process optimization, and tirelessly delight customers.

This is a cool platform for creating prospects from the symbiosis of life goals and favorite activities to find your career path. The brand’s main mission is to unleash the potential of a person according to his talents, hobbies, and lifestyle so that in his work, he can correspond to his main personal directions. Lisha Davis, the founder of the company, draws attention to the fact that we often want to change the direction of our activities in life circumstances. We are disappointed in something; we start to get carried away with something, find inspiration and see new perspectives. There is nothing wrong with that; this is human development. When he begins to strive for new horizons, he goes beyond comfort and learns unfamiliar things, leading to a crisis – the line when there is a desire, but little experience and knowledge, so you need to go further.

Pave Emblem

Just Pave is a reflection of the idea of “going further.” An inspiring, confidence-inspiring brand should look brilliant and inviting. Therefore, when developing a color palette, a designer must consider the grace of lines, a bright background. Something fresh, innovative was needed so that clients knew and were sure that they would receive support and support at any stage of mastering the profession. Nevertheless, the brand is young, and it is worth adding maturity to the design to capture the spirit of the movement, change, and mobility.

Studio Mast enthusiastically worked on creating the brand’s identity, which I must say, they succeeded to glory. The central concept of the design solution was movement, gradual, expanding its boundaries, including step by step. An expressive font, capital letters of the word “PAVE” solve an important task – to show the firmness of the brand’s character, determination, and commitment to success.

Pave New Logo

A very beautiful pattern will come from the company logo if the creatives set themselves such a goal. But the point is this: five arcs, also soft corners of a square, make up acute-angled figures in the gap. This results in cognitive dissonance – what do we see first? Are the corners of squares without complete lines or arcs lined up one after the other up and to the right?

Note also the reddish tint of the logo. In the psychology of color, it means an impulse, activity, striving for a goal. Even a color accent suggests that you cannot resist in place.

Pave Symbol

Each user can fanatical and associate the logo with their ideas. Interestingly, in the graphic image, you can see houses, papers, an element of a tribal pattern, and even a fingerprint, as if partially preserved in space. These lines can bewitch, make you think a lot, and move forward. It is the epitome of movement and flexibility.

For the most part, these schematic square lines resemble waves. First, you throw a stone, as if you are just “throwing” the idea of ​​your hobby and work, and then the scale grows, you take steps, they help you, and you open up like a flower towards the sun, that is, success.

A perfect play on the dynamic idea and personal journey of clients towards their dream career.