New Complementary Colors themes in updated content

Complementary Colors Logo

In 1998, the famous American director and producer Jonah Disend founded his studio, Complementary Colors. With its help, he successfully creates and promotes content that reflects many universal themes most unexpectedly. Among the latest works, the company had a hand in Mayday from director and screenwriter Karen Cinorre. Complementary Colors are back with a new visual look today. The brand uses new complementary colors that infuse content with a visual interpretation of identity and culture clashes.

At the same time, the updated visualization embraced the entertainment direction. It made it possible to perceive the sensations offered by the brand in a new way, created at the tactile level. The color palette became the basis for reflecting the high professional level of the founder, who owned and successfully managed Redscout for more than 18 years, defining a new future for everything that was directly related to this kind of art – media, technology, brands. At the same time, he continued to work as a director. And this additional gamut became a factor uniting his two worlds. On this, a new illusory identity was built on a cult basis. With its help, it was possible to effectively reflect the brand’s main idea, becoming a solid basis for the formation of an extensive and expressive collection of all the founder’s projects. The result was a colorful and attractive visualization, fully consistent with the name.

Complementary Colors New Logo

The studio is focused on accepting and promoting ideas that are often radically opposed at their core. But despite the presence of clear contrasts in them, the studio finds a surprising similarity and commonality in each of them. To translate this into reality, a unique approach was taken to develop the entire brand identity, which relied on a dynamic color system, especially highlighted with the help of created graphics of the letters “C.” They are in motion, collide, and overlap, forming white segments, which symbolize the moments of true insight that visit creative people during their creative activity. And in every element of the visual display of the brand, the simplicity of the concept of execution is demonstrated.

Complementary Colors Symbol

By minimizing its name to the maximum, using only two letters “C,” the brand not only attracted the attention of the modern viewer but also managed to convey to it the main feature – the understanding that any element that forms the logo effectively complements each other, and the created monogram with an ideal geometry in complementary colors provides the desired visual impact. Rich gradient hues make the logo richly textured and especially appealing when used in the digital space.