New design and VARTA logo after a successful year


VARTA is a German company founded in 1887. The main specialization of the brand is the production of batteries for the automotive and industrial sectors and the consumer market. Last year was a successful one for the company, which decided to celebrate the event with a new strategy rebranding and development.

The revamped VARTA logo was created by Vienna-based creative agency BueroX in conjunction with their New York subsidiary. The image’s idea remains the same – the brand symbol in the form of a flashlight beam along with the name. The designers focused on the ray itself, enlarging the yellow triangle and changing the word part’s font. A and V have become sharper at the ends, and the distance between letters has increased.

VARTA New Logo

The company has been around for almost 135 years, and last year was the most successful in its entire history. The shares climbed to an all-time high, and VARTA’s earnings also increased significantly. The updated logo only emphasizes the company’s success and shows professionalism even after so many years. The brand now campaigns with the slogan Empowering Independence, emphasizing supporting electric vehicles and independent living in general. VARTA will position itself as a technology company that follows global trends and works to improve the quality of life.

According to Andreas Fritz, head of the VARTA marketing department, the company is working on its recognition, and the new logo should help it become popular around the world. Improving the future is one of the brand’s top priorities, and the logo and strategy help maintain harmony within the company.