New financial platform Spruce

Spruce Logo

Most modern Americans are in a state of economic stress, struggling with the constant need to live paycheck to paycheck. Such an anxious state causes the appearance of mental and physical diseases, which also require urgent measures. Statistics say that more than 2/3 of the country’s population is necessary for the process of seeking to neutralize at least one of the aspects that cause financial problems. This includes the need for thoughtful spending management, proper savings, and mandatory planning. H&R Block has decided to alleviate this problem by launching a new electronic platform – Spruce℠, which is progressive mobile banking. Its functionality is aimed at creating optimal conditions and convenience in handling money.

Spruce New Logo

Considering the peculiarities of the new brand, its target orientation, and tasks to be solved, an appropriate corporate identity was created. Designed to build trust, increase awareness of the founder, and not for the user to rely on him solely, the brand declares this in its visual display. From the developed name to the digital palette with typography, the entire composition is created based on interweaving that forms a single connective tissue in a common ecosystem. This ensures a strong bond with all customers – new and existing. Spruce became that strategic name, which was out of any connection with the platform’s functions. Its purpose is to help the user focus on the sensual moments that the brand evokes – calmness, confidence, a sense of simplicity, and not being tied to a certain time frame. The Spruce became a spectacular reflection of all these emotions, creating a subtle connection to the accepted corporate green color.

Spruce Symbol

The color palette provided effective support for the created sensual atmosphere of tranquility. The green color and its shades coped very well with this role. He combined the peace of trust in brand capabilities with the vigor with which such confidence is achieved. At the same time, green provides a binding echo with the signature color of H&R Block and refers the viewer to natural inspiration on behalf of Spruce.

The logo’s typography is based on the Garamond narrative font, widely used in typography, which forms an attractive visual language. The second font is Graphik, which conveys information and reflects data. Advanced modern graphics icons are built considering their high-quality reflection in the digital space. Everything is built-in common unity with the design profile of the founding company, which makes the brands complementary. The overall visual composition is complemented by bright and attractive illustrations using a diverse palette.