New Google Fonts logo – using base colors and new elements

Google Fonts Logo

In addition to rebranding, the service now supports a set of icons.

Google’s rebranding last year has been a source of jokes on social media and user dissatisfaction. Despite the improved look and use of Google-style colors, apps have become so similar that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between them.

The new Google Fonts logo is not far from its brethren, especially in terms of color palette, but it still has a different shape and appearance. At first, it may seem that the image is just a collection of graphic elements, but it is possible to understand the general appearance upon examination. With the new icon, Google has shown that it can add a touch of uniqueness to its services.

Earlier on our smartphones and computer screens, we saw a white letter “F” on a red background. The company has now opted for bold colors to suit any audience and minimalist, modern designs with geometric shapes.

“We’ve created a completely new icon for Google Fonts itself. We decided to rebrand our ‘F’ monogram and transform it into something new that reflects the essence of the products and services offered by Google Fonts,” said designers Tobias Kunisch and SeHee Lee.

Google Fonts New Logo

But now, the apps are different from Gmail, Google Drive, and others. The usual Google design is a color palette of yellow, red, blue, and green with intertwining stripes. Thanks to the use of different shades on the logos, it seems that there are more colors. Google Fonts stands out nicely against their background.

The company also introduced another update – open source icons in Material Design style. This seems to be exactly what most designers have been waiting for. The use of icons is a popular phenomenon among creative professionals. There are about 2000 images available in the Google Fonts library in 5 styles: Rounded, Outlined, Two-tone, Filled, Sharp. The site contains links to instructions and tutorials for designers. Now, with the extended functionality, the site has become truly universal.

The new Google Fonts logo showed that the company can still maintain a single style while creating images that are unlike each other. Perhaps in the future, Google will listen to user feedback and rebrand its apps. If anything, it’s better than the Amazon icon or the Myntra logo, in which users saw similarities with personalities and female bodies.