New image for the company Visit Salt Lake

Visit Salt Lake Logo

Created to help develop a tourist destination in Salt Lake City, Visit Salt Lake, a private nonprofit, has announced its image change. This change isn’t just a logo change. Working closely with the mayor’s office, directly with its leadership – Janie Wilson, the corporation has radically changed the approach to the development and implementation of new programs and significantly expanded its capabilities. Now it will cover the entire city, having more opportunities to improve the economic atmosphere of the city due to the increase in tourist attendance, an increase in the number of conferences, congresses, and conventions of various levels and directions held by Salt Lake City. Along with the expansion of tourism and visits to the city by guests, the corporation makes every effort to ensure respect for the environment and monuments of historical heritage.

Visit Salt Lake New Logo

Continuously conducting market research in its area, Visit Salt Lake drew attention to the fact that information in tourism lags far behind the requirements of the times. Visitors demonstrate a lack of knowledge about many areas of culture, science, and the city’s social life. For many of them, the revealed real sides of the city, its modernity, progressiveness, and brightness, caring for each member of the urban society, creating conveniences for him in the implementation of life and providing the opportunity to participate in the life of the city have become a real revelation. This situation caused the VSL members to radically change the situation by applying all their knowledge, creativity, and energy to achieve the set goal. As a key element of future progress in tourism, the corporation has developed a new strategy of action, making adjustments to its policy of action. Given the significant growth in business tourism, the company has outlined revolutionary steps in this area that will allow appreciating the modernity and inclusiveness of the city, its growth opportunities.

Visit Salt Lake Emblem

Rebranding is becoming one of those ways. As a theater begins with a hanger, acquaintance with Salt Lake begins with a meeting with those responsible for high-quality and interesting information, the creation of unique programs, demonstrating the ability to convey the necessary information about your city in an exciting and informative way. This was the reason to start making changes to the VSL image.

Visit Salt Lake Before and After Logo (history)

The company, created almost 40 years ago, is making changes in its image at such a cardinal level for the first time. Preparations for this process have been going on for several years. The results of the work of a previously created project – Project Blueprint, were involved, as well as its recommendations for a new approach to the issue of rebranding in the conditions of Salt Lake City. All this data was transferred to the Milwaukee-based BVK agency, which was entrusted with developing the new design.

This rebranding was a successful demonstration of the achievements in the 75-year history of one of the main student sports associations of the III Division and how all its members managed to cope with the negative consequences of the pandemic successfully.