New logo and visual style for the NZ Post

NZ Post Logo

Recently, courier and mail delivery NZ Post, a leader in online service, has renewed its brand and looks fresh, as if rested juicy and positive company.

CEO David Walsh said the brand’s new logo reflects the changes that are taking place within the business. The connecting links of one chain, all processes from ordering to delivery under the house, are now emphasized in the creative design of the mail brand.

NZ Post Emblem

In connection with the growth of orders delivered to the client at home during the coronavirus pandemic, the NZ Post service conducted an analytical study, which indicated the need to increase the number of delivery services and improve the remote service system general.

New Zealand Post is proud to announce that its operations are growing, and last Christmas, they were delivering three packages per second. But the nuance was that branded machines with the mail logo differ from the CourierPost service; not all customers realized this and found out that the long-awaited delivery arrived. Thus, the process of delivering and receiving packages became more complicated. It was decided to bring all subsidiary brands from NZ Post to a common denominator and develop their unique style. They could send mail and parcels and deliver various types of printed products.

NZ Post New Logo

The visual identity of NZ Post has taken on coral, navy blue, and white. The logo is distinguished by the letter P (mail sign).

Since the country must know its heroes in person, from now on the company becomes recognizable thanks to a bright red berry mug, in which two white paths are inscribed in the viz of the letter R. Whatever the difficult path for delivering a parcel to a client, with its new logo NZ Post assures that it will cope with any difficulties.

NZ Post Old and New Logo (history)