New – Mischief, for success in its ambiguous display

Mischief Logo

Newly founded venture capital company Mischief, which offers executives and founders of business lines who want to think outside the box, presented its visual identity. All three founders of the company took part in developing its external design and design strategy. Emphasis was placed on the prospects and the possibility of mandatory further expansion and development of the enterprise. Its visualization is a tribute to the name of the founders, their spirit, and the target audience for which the brand was formed. Relating to the risky scientific, technical, and technological business category, it was created as an effective link between scientific developments and their introduction into production. Having made a successful start, the company immediately began to pay close attention to the wishes of its customers, directing its activities to improve the efficiency of interaction while demonstrating a commitment to ensuring safety and comfort. All this became the basis for forming an identity that allowed the brand to stand out as much as those who were its creator.

Mischief New Logo

By creating a quirky and unexpected look, the designers were able to create a fun, crazy, disturbing, and rewarding identity that is directly related to the company’s main purpose. The created logo is distinguished by confidence, courage, and complete independence from time. Its design represents the perfect balance between dynamic and environmental images reflected in all of the brand’s applications.

The dynamics also affected the created typography. The main sign in the form of the letter “M” is constantly in motion, changing and transforming. In this way, an imitation of the variable processes carried out today by the company’s founders was effectively created. The visualization was made in a naughty style to enhance the appeal, the strengthening of which ensured the displacement of familiar graphic motifs. But new and absurd dimensions were introduced into each of them, which ensured the individuality and recognizability of graphic compositions.

Mischief New Symbol

In shaping the voice tone and reflecting the personal definition of the company, the founders invested their professional vision. The voice turned out to be self-confident, ambitious, and even verge of insanity. He wants to share big goals with everyone, demonstrating the importance of being creative and not being afraid to use oddities, which is necessary for the successful use of venture capital.