New PHD Media visualization creatively from Cosmo Jameson

PHD Media Logo

PHD, a part of Omnicom Media Group and being a global media network, has renewed its visual identity, presenting a new version to its users. These changes were required to reflect the brand’s new philosophy, Make the Leap. The new identity has become a call to all who run their own business or facilitate others to use the power of their imaginations to drive successful growth, regardless of direction. Design studio Cosmo Jameson helped realize the idea of ​​renovation, which applied modern achievements and possibilities of digital technologies, dynamics, and sound effects.

PHD Media New Logo

The main task assigned to the performer was to convey in a terse form all the creative achievements of the brand, the direction of which is to help the prosperity of its clients. Visually, it turned out to convey the duality of the theme, which, along with Make the Leap, ensured the controllability of the visual language in all directions of the created identity. With the help of new technologies, the main brand images were clearly defined, and dynamic clips were created. But these moments are especially clearly defined in the graphic performance of the brand itself, played like an ambigram. The graphics of the text made it possible to express that reserve of kinetic energy, which is inherent in the very essence of the brand. Symmetrical execution and visual interpretation in dynamics reflect the double meaning of the logo. In a static performance, he makes everyone feel their desire to start moving at any moment.

PHD Media Emblem

Through modern visualization, the core values ​​of PHD were conveyed – creativity, courage, openness, the desire for close cooperation, and even the curiosity and curiosity of the brand. All this is reflected in the images used and the dynamic accompanying video clip. Visual horizontal leaps, demonstrating the transition from one state to another, personify the duality of the world in which PHD exists, which requires constant rethinking. This is one of the ways to realize and make you feel the true values ​​of the brand.

PHD Media Before and After Logo (history)

Modern technologies have provided through sensual dynamics, movements a reflection of how the company is currently acting. In doing so, the new identity has become a real and effective symbol of the company’s ethos. The rebranding demonstrated and confirmed all the company’s features, its dynamism and flexibility, the ability to make a sharp leap or leap forward to open up a new world.