New Remotive saves time and makes job selection easier

Remotive Logo

Today job search is one of the pressing problems for many inhabitants of the globe. The oversupply creates enormous difficulties. But the periodic appearance of vacancies that can solve the problems of many requires a significant investment in time. This is especially true of the popular remote work today. In quarantine conditions, the relevance of such vacancies is especially high, and the demand for them is several times higher than the supply. This causes enormous difficulties in finding a suitable option. Long searches, the inability to be in the right place at the right time, when the employer announces a vacancy – leads to long expectations and searches, which create inconvenience and the impossibility of ensuring a normal existence. This situation led to the development and creation in 2014 in France, Paris, of a remote vacancy board – Remotive. Its task is to enable employers to post their offers, manage them, encourage brands to present themselves favorably, and assist potential employees in making informed decisions. The updated version of the site has expanded employers’ possibilities in self-presentation, creating comfortable conditions for the selection of vacancies for those looking for remote offers.

Remotive New Logo

The brand has passed the stage of revising its own visual identity in light of the addition of new functions, the emergence of additional opportunities for users, and the improvement of functionality. Its new visual interpretation has significantly reduced time for users by creating an interface to track emerging vacancies and changes in this field automatically. Control over the changing information is carried out using real-time notifications sent to the specified device, which allows the user to constantly be aware of events and promptly respond to the changing situation. The platform provides quick and easy access to the details of offers, ensuring that only the right choice is made.

Remotive Emblem

The newly developed company logo is based on creating an accurate visual reflection of the essence of the brand itself. The main element of the emblem is a friendly dog’s face, equipped with a headset for remote communication, which immediately emphasizes the platform’s main features. The headset focuses on how interactions between the employer and the contractor are carried out. The pet, loved by many, becomes an element of reflection of the main psychological factor on which all the service activities are based. Adding orange and red to the avatar image enhances the friendliness effect, making it the main focus. The round sans-serif typeface used in the logo, such as Gelica Semi Bold by Eclectotype, emphasizes the brand’s humanity. The combination of two letters symbolizes the close unity of the employer and the applicant in this process, which is important for each of them.

Remotive Before and After Logo (history)