Luka Dončić presented his logo to the fans

Luka Doncic Logo

Slovenia-based NBA star Luka Dončić has announced the start of a new season with his logo on Jordan Brand’s new line of Air Jordan XXXVI basketball shoes. As one of the leaders of the League, the young talent Dallas Mavericks ranked 6th in the NBA rankings in points, 5th in assists, and 4th in triple-doubles this year. During just a few years of playing in the United States, he managed to demonstrate a unique playing style and become the owner of several awards that even venerable League players have not received in such a short time. One of the differences and recognition of his merits was the offer from the manufacturer of basketball shoes Jordan Brand to use in the new season the exclusive sports shoes in its new version of “Global Game” PE, which will be released in a small batch.

Luka Doncic New Logo

To reflect the individuality of the player, the athlete’s logo is applied to the sneakers. During its development, a unique iconography was applied, containing autobiographical moments and reflecting the peculiarities of his playing technique. Unlike the previous performance that fans could see on the athlete’s jersey in 2020, the logo on the sneakers has become more original, simple to execute, and informative. The memorability of the sign has increased. Its graphic “puzzle” has caught the attention of even those who are not fans of the game. In its execution, the sign resembles a stylized image of infinity in the form of a “Möbius ribbon.” As an element demonstrating the constancy of the professional development of a basketball player and the creation of winning game situations in the absence of restrictions, the “ribbon” turned out to be especially successful and attractive.

Luka Doncic Emblem

At the same time, the composition forms the visual perception of the athlete’s number – “77”, which can be seen in two ribbons, in the form of numbers inverted about each other. The sign also creates the appearance of arrows indicating his role in the team and participation in creating game situations.

Luka Doncic Before and After Logo (history)

The graphic performance of the symbol turned out to be especially interesting, which sends the viewer to the roots of the athlete, the place of his birth – Slovenia. This is achieved with the help of an organized free space between the “sevens,” which forms its perception as the letter “S.” At the same time, such an image has another meaning – a characteristic of the athlete’s playing technique, which can be called “lightning-fast,” and the lightning symbol is very clearly visible in this unifying sign in free space.