New cannabislicensing platform – Canopyright

Canopyright Logo

Increased interest in cannabis breeding in North America – hemp (marijuana) is generating increased interest in a service like Canopyright. Launched in beta, it provides clear and fair terms for industry licensing. Its help is expected to create more comfortable and protected conditions for the formation of legitimacy and democratization of registration, transactions between breeders and manufacturers of plant-based products. Canopyright – TXMQ created the online blockchain platform to protect breeders and securely license cannabis varieties. With its help, business between the supplier and the consumer must be carried out quickly, guaranteeing digital security. Anonymity, the absence of restrictions on the volume of transactions, the ability to carry out settlements, the safe sale of products within the framework of the law – all this is just a small part of the benefits that Canopyright offers to users.

Canopyright New Logo

The new brand’s appearance, logo, and style were developed by the creative agency Okaybro (Seattle). The agency’s designers based the visual identity of the application on a visual reflection of trust – a key and important moment in this area of ​​transactions. The logo created is in the shape of a barn castle, symbolizing the guaranteed protection of users in this industry, whose work is quite hard. At the same time, the emblem generates an important message in the form of weed blocking, whose leaf is depicted on the lock’s shackle. This includes protecting the partitioning rights and protecting against “weeds” – people with odd and dangerous intentions in this industry. The lock is made in black and round. In the free central sector of its circle, the first symbol of the platform name is “C” in white. The full name is applied around the bottom of the castle – Canopyright in lower case, also in white.

Canopyright Emblem

Contrasting color performance provides a clear visual perception of the sign and the certainty of its forms. This greatly enhances its visibility when used both in printed form and in the digital environment. The use of two colors, black and white, provides complete visual harmony by neutralizing their opposite. This method provides visual information about the direct task of neutralizing all the negative aspects that may arise during transactions, guaranteeing positive final results.

Canopyright Symbol