Nowadays – a healthy product from a new brand

Nowadays Logo

The day’s problem is the abundance of offers of ready-to-eat or convenience foods, in the manufacture of which many unhealthy ingredients are used. In an attempt to make a difference in offering healthy but delicious food, Nowadays has brought its visual identity to the market. The company’s main goal is to demonstrate the ability not to refuse to accept dishes of one kind or another but to learn how to make the right choice in favor of a healthy product. You should not give up meat if it is prepared by healthy technology and the absence of harmful additives. Observing such conditions, craving for food will cease to cause guilt since it will not harm health. In that case, the food becomes simply perfect and delicious. This is exactly the offer that Nowadays has prepared for its clients, whose attractive style was developed by Riser (San Francisco, CA).

Nowadays New Logo

Subject to healthy technologies, Nowadays, products retain all the amazing taste qualities of the product, which was required to convey to the consumer with the help of visual identifiers, a logo, website design and packaging, the semantic component of their style. Excellent taste, attractive texture, and high nutritional value of its products are the main components of its self-promotion and external identity. The company’s first product to receive the original packaging with the developed logo was nuggets based on seven components. They are characterized by a low sodium concentration with high protein content.

Nowadays Emblem

For the company’s launch, Riser prepared a visualization based on details that differ from the traditional execution of meat producers. These details provide a real breakthrough with their vibrant, eye-catching colors that bring joy to the logo and packaging and confidence in the product’s safety. The graphic design of the text provided an immersive effect. Its minimalism and graphic construction are typical for placing information on a billboard. The presence of a significant free space, made in a bright turquoise color, in the center of which only the brand name is inscribed in a contrasting white font, prompts you to grasp the whole composition with a glance immediately and literally “swallow” it in one moment. The bitten “O” looks attractive, symbolizing the testing of products and the expectation of the aftertaste to swallow the rest greedily. All this ensures the attractiveness of the logo, simplicity, and ease of perception and memorization.

Logo Nowadays