Side by Side – a good initiative from FC Liverpool

Side by Side Logo

Football teams and clubs can inspire their fans in the stadiums positively and inspire admiration for their sports-related initiatives.

For example, the Liverpool Football Club Foundation, together with the Right To Play organization, cooperate in unleashing the potential of young people who, for some reason, find it very difficult to take care of themselves and live a full life, revealing their characteristics.

The Foundation and the organization strive to provide an opportunity for all children who lack protection and skills to overcome obstacles and use resources. Sports programs, game projects, grants are being implemented that provide vulnerable children with tools and knowledge for learning, self-realization, and success in various fields, not only in sports.

The initiative, called “Side by Side,” begins its programs in Liverpool and Bangkok and will continue to expand to other major countries around the world and develop partnerships.

Side by Side New Logo

There is such an urgent need in Liverpool to support the younger generation. This area is considered disadvantaged in England because the life satisfaction index is very low. Health, life expectancy, the level of education is lower than the level for the country as a whole; therefore, measures such as, for example, strengthening education and attracting young people to active work are needed.

In Bangkok, the situation is slightly different. There is a high level of crime due to violation of the law and asociality among young people. This justifies the growth of criminals, the spread of drugs, and other negative social phenomena. Leadership, self-confidence, resistance to bullying, development of communication skills, and stress resistance are the main directions in which the fund will work. Moreover, playgrounds will be built for young people so that everyone has access to the opportunity to develop and strengthen themselves physically.

In the shape of the Champions League, the logo of the charitable organization is used. He will remain on the kits of all players throughout the League campaign throughout 2021-2022.

Side by Side Emblem

The charitable foundation calls on fans to support this initiative and make feasible donations to give disadvantaged children a chance for a successful life and a joyful childhood. To date, the partnership between the football club and the charitable organization has supported over 21,000 members.

According to data for 2019, due to the massive closure of schools during the coronavirus pandemic, 94% of students in the world were affected. An estimated 1.6 billion children are at risk of being left out of school and remain out of school.

Nevertheless, the support provided at present is very substantial, and the organization will not give up its positions.

Side by Side Symbol

For the 2021-2022 gaming season, the goal was to raise £ 150,000 for children. The logo is also offered for as little as £ 5; the money from its acquisition will go to the fund.

The logo itself is a Side by Side graphic written in a special handwritten font. It seems as if the child is typing words in capital letters, and the particle “by” is underlined in the middle. By this, the authors of the logo wanted to emphasize coherence and support as meanings.

As an organization, this logo is simple and perhaps even clumsy. But as a sign of support for disadvantaged children and a symbol of help, this is a good image. It attracts attention and does not leave you indifferent. These are exactly the key messages that are broadcast to football lovers and people with hearts and capabilities.