V – the new symbol of veganism

FSSAI India Vegan Logo

More recently, there has been an unexpected breakthrough in identifying vegan foods. Indian Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya announced this on Twitter and noted that vegan labeling products would make it much easier for consumers to find and quickly differentiate them from the food industry. Thus, the idea of ​​a conscious choice and consumption of food products is being introduced, which the leading manufacturers have been striving for many years. Still, due to the lack of constructive dialogue and organization, this became possible only at the level of the international union.

Veganism has become a special trend; one might even say a certain social culture, which consists in adherence to a diet that does not have animal products in its composition. Someone adheres to such a diet at the call of the heart and out of pity for animals; for someone, it is a forced measure since there is evidence of the usefulness of giving up meat and other foods, which significantly improves the functioning of the digestive system. Someone does this in the name of good because they do not want the ecology and fauna to suffer from the insatiability of humanity and are trying to contribute in a similar way to the preservation of nature. There is also Ayurvedic doctrine, the supporters of which believe that dairy products are not suitable for everyone in terms of body constitution because milk, for example, provokes the appearance of “mucus” in the body and contributes to the development of colds. There is also the idea that with the transition to a vegan lifestyle, a person will get rid of obsessive allergic manifestations.

There are many reasons for becoming a vegan, as are many proponents of this type of diet. Therefore, a special logo has been developed for a special category of passionate people about this area.

FSSAI India Vegan New Logo

Interestingly, this movement has been gaining momentum in India lately, as can be seen from the activities of several companies that have produced a new line of products with meat, beverages, and other plant-based products.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was responsible for the design of the logo. Now they can be proud of their work, and here’s why.

The logo turned out to be surprisingly cute, simple, and at the same time speaking. There is no need to “translate” the main message into the consumer’s language. The visual design gives an unambiguous perception and eliminates confusion with other meanings.

The new logo has a ‘V’ in the center of a square frame with a small plant at the top and vegan at the bottom. Everything is done in a light green shade. The FSSAI also emphasizes that the design echoes the current logo (with a dot in the center of the square) for vegetarian and non-vegetarian products.

As the saying goes, V means “victory.” In this case, the double meaning of this letter conveys victory over oneself, over one’s unconscious consumption; this is a once made a choice aside, which differs from the bulk. This is also the acceptance of responsibility not only for oneself but also for those who need protection. And not only the habit of eating in a special way. This is a special culture, a special path to self-improvement.