NFC Logo


The NFC logo represents a method of information exchange between electronic devices via wireless data transmission. It indicates the technology’s short range and the ease of reading encoded information while maintaining confidentiality.

NFC: Brand overview

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a set of communication protocols that facilitate data exchange between electronic gadgets at close range (less than 10 cm). It supports low-speed, short-range connections for contactless information reading. Its foundation is inductive coupling between specialized antennas built into NFC-supported devices. The chip is used for secure transactions. The technology was announced in 2004.

Meaning and History

NFC Symbol

The basis of NFC is radio wave communication, known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). With it, compatible devices can interact with static electronic tags that are not powered. The methodology is applied in identity authentication, product identification, and tracking. The interaction occurs wirelessly – inductively, within a short range. This principle forms the basis of the name Near Field Communication, which, for convenience, was shortened to the abbreviation NFC, used in the logo. The technology was officially launched in 2004 when three leading mobile operators founded the NFC Forum, and one of them (Nokia) released an experimental shell overlay for some smartphones.

What is NFC?

NFC – short for Near Field Communication, is a method of contactless data exchange between electronic devices at close range. It is based on inductive coupling between two antennas (special chips) built into electronic equipment. Information reading occurs at a frequency of 13.56 MHz from a distance of at least 10 cm. The technology is used in digital mobile devices, smart cards, payment systems, and public transport. It was introduced in 2004.

The NFC emblem is graphic-textual because the letter “N” is encrypted in geometric shapes. It is uppercase, with two pointed and two rounded ends, making it unique. The glyph’s outlines are depicted in negative space and appear as white linear gaps on an absolutely black background. The stripes are hook-shaped, symmetrically positioned in the center of a square with semicircular corners. Between the zigzag lines, another geometric figure is visible, repeating the contours of neighboring elements.

Near Field Communication Symbol

Near Field Communication Symbol

Special tags are used in areas where NFC technology operates. They consist of four arcs of different lengths, vertically oriented with the convex side to the right. This symbolizes radio waves, which serve as the basis for establishing contactless communication between electronic devices for information reading. The ends of the strips are rounded to emphasize user safety. The large number of improvised waves confirms that the signal is reliable, powerful, and stable. The increased boldness of the lines also indicates this. Below is the name, also colored in black. It is set in a geometric grotesque with smooth uppercase letters, predominantly featuring straight angles and even cuts.

Font and Colors

NFC Emblem

The inscription in the NFC logo is set in a typeface resembling the free fonts Roadgeek 2005 Transport Heavy Regular and LilGrotesk Bold. They share the same diagonal cuts at the ends of “C” and a similar boldness. All letters are in uppercase and sans-serif.

The color palette is calm, consisting of the traditional combination of black and white. The monochrome helps convey the seriousness of the technology, demonstrates its responsibility, and instills trust in consumers.