Official 2021 All-Star Game logo presented by MLB

MLB All Star Game 2021 Logo

The logo is complemented by mountain peaks and rich purple hues.

The 2021 All-Star Game will take place on July 13 in Denver for the first time since 1998. The 91st game will take place at Coors Field. The logo for the event incorporates some of the key terrain elements to make it stand out: the Rockies and the colors of the Rockies.

All Star Game 2021 Logo

The iconic star has been complemented with a mountain image to indicate the location in which the match will take place. It is harmoniously combined with the whole picture, and the recognizable sign received a beautiful addition. Lines and shadows are visible in the image to create a three-dimensional effect. Like the Rockies team, the color palette is all purple, combined with white and black for the edging. All elements create a special atmosphere associated with the area and add zest to the overall look.

The game was originally supposed to occur in Atlanta, but Major League Baseball was soon abandoned due to new laws in the state. In Denver, it was planned to hold the match as early as 2024, but some changes had to be made.

MLB All Star Game Colorado New and Old Logo (history)

According to the mayor of the city, many activities for fans, families, and opportunities for volunteers are expected during the event. Regarding COVID-19, an increase in the number of immunized citizens is expected due to active vaccination. The organizers hope that this summer, they will fill the stadiums and give incredible support to the players and unforgettable emotions for the audience.