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Oklahoma City Thunder Logo

Oklahoma City Thunder Logo
Oklahoma City Thunder Logo PNG

The Seattle Supersonics is the progenitor of the Oklahoma City Thunder. The club was founded in 1967 and based in Seattle, Washington.

In 2008, the Seattle Supersonics club was sold to an investment company from Oklahoma. In the same year, the team moved to Oklahoma City. Team owner Clay Bennett has announced that the club will change its name and will be called the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Supersonics name, logo and team colors are available for any new NBA team from Seattle. The history of the club will be divided between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the new team from Seattle called Supersonics (if it appears).

Oklahoma City Thunder emblem
The name Thunder is associated with the climatic features of the region. The fact is that Oklahoma City is in an unfavorable place, which is known as the Tornado Alley. Gales, thunders, tornadoes, and storms are frequent in this region. The same name Thunder is a tribute to the Indian tribes who lived in the state of Oklahoma and called themselves as Thunders.

Oklahoma City Thunder symbol

The nickname Okla is short for Oklahoma.

Rumble the Bison is the talisman of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Oklahoma City Thunder logo history

Oklahoma City Thunder Logo History
Oklahoma City Thunder Logo Evolution

Do you remember the time when you first learned that a professional sports team would appear in Oklahoma City? Not a fictional sports team. A team that finally combines the orange-black and raspberry-cream colors of two universities in Oklahoma, or an organization that creates its breathtaking style. The Thunder could make absolutely any logo, even the simplest ones, and everyone would love it. The point is that the inhabitants of the Indian state were happy to have a club that performs in one of the leading leagues of the United States.

Moving is always a challenging process, but creating a team logo is a small but pleasant thing. Since then, the Oklahoma City Thunder logo has become a symbol not only of the basketball club but of the whole Oklahoma land. Fans from all over the state, regardless of their passions, united in their love for the Thunder.

Recently, a well-known basketball journalist Zack Lowe said that the team logo has already become outdated and needs to be upgraded. Even though this is only the opinion of one person, his words have caused heated debate among the residents of Oklahoma on the Internet in the past few days. Opponents of the update write that the logo doesn’t matter for the success of the Thunder. They consider that it must be “left alone,” as well as the fact that everyone has got accustomed to it. Everyone recognizes the popular franchise by this image. But proponents say that the emblem is too complicated, trivial, and overloaded with unnecessary details. Clay Bennett noted that the light blue color coincides with the state flag (which shows love for the team in all cities). Yellow means sunshine, and the reddish-orange hue symbolizes the sunset of the heavenly body. The value of this logo for some people is even more appreciated than its appearance.

Another argument of supporters is that the creation of a new logo will improve merchandising. Therefore, the fans of the team will stand in numerous queues to acquire the club’s symbols with a new emblem. The old form will remain in the past. But if you wear the outdated logo, it will show that you’ve been a fan of the Thunder from the very beginning and has always been supporting the club. The updated logo can become the face of the NBA, as the Celtics or Bulls emblems nevertheless, while the emblem remains the same as it was invented for the team when it moved to Oklahoma.

1968 – 1970

Seattle SuperSonics Logo 1968-1970

In 1968, a new promising basketball team appeared in the city of Seattle, the western part of the United States. It was named after the shuttle – Supersonics. The color for the first logo was green. On the left side of the logo, there was a small ball with the Sonic space shuttle inside. Designers created a circular arrow around the ball, which indicates the direction – up. On the right side, the words “Seattle Supersonics” passed through the arrow.


Seattle SuperSonics Logo 1971

Two years later, the logo was slightly modified. The basis for the logo was the same ball with a white outline in the middle. In the center, designers placed Seattle SuperSonics, the name of the team, in white letters.

1972 – 1975

Seattle SuperSonics Logo 1972-1975

Green continued to be the primary color of the Seattle basketball club’s logo. The ball was reduced in size again and moved to the right side of the image. The central part was taken by the word Sonics, which resembled a spacecraft. Above the first letter of this word, designers placed a small inscription Seattle Super, which ultimately formed the full name of the team.

1976 – 1995

Seattle SuperSonics Logo 1976-1995

Eight years after the creation of the first club’s logo, the designers decided to diversify the color palette. So, they added a yellow one. An ordinary ball was replaced with a yellow semicircle, in which the green color depicted the silhouette of the city of Seattle with its symbol – the Space Needle tower. At the bottom, emblem developers placed the inscription Seattle Supersonics in green shades made in the large font.

1996 – 2001

Seattle Sonics Logo 1996-2001

For the next 12 years, the club changed the name Seattle Supersonics to a shorter version – Seattle Sonics. Working on the logo of 1996 – 2001, designers changed the color scheme. In the center, they depicted the Space Needle on the green background, the symbol of Seattle. An orange ball was shown flying around the tower, creating a red-fiery arc. In the left corner, the word Seattle was arranged in white letters on a green background. The word Sonics, made in orange color with red framing, was stretched through the entire logo.

2002 – 2008

Seattle Sonics Logo 2002-2008

These six years were the last in the existence of this basketball team based on the city of Seattle, as well as the name Seattle Sonics. Designers returned the traditional green color. At the top of the logo on a green background with a yellow frame, the word Seattle was placed in white and the word SONICS – in yellow. In the background of the green circle, which was just below the inscription, logo developers put a yellow ball, with a curved white letter S on top of it (as an abbreviation of two words at once – Seattle and Sonics).

2009 – Present

Oklahoma City Thunder Logo 2009-Present

This year, the team is waiting for significant changes. After moving from western Washington state to hot and arid Oklahoma, the club owner changed the team’s name to Oklahoma City Thunder. There is no official version for the word Thunder in the title. However, two assumptions were made too. So, Oklahoma City is in the area of frequent tornadoes and hurricanes, usually accompanied by Thunder. Another assumption was about local Indians who used to call themselves like this. Of course, the logo was changed. The primary colors were blue, orange, dark blue, gold, and white. The white letters OKC (from Oklahoma City) and another inner triangle, in the middle of which the original ball was depicted, were placed in the blue triangle. Under the triangle, there were colorful splashes of blue and orange colors. Above all, designers put a huge inscription in blue THUNDER.