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State-of-the-art fingerprint and face control technology showcases the Okta logo. All clients available to users of the program are the focus of attention. The emblem promises that no one will go further until they are authorized.

Okta: Brand overview

Founded: January 2009
Founder: Todd McKinnon, Frederic Kerrest
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Website: okta.com
Okta is a provider of software that is designed to identify, authenticate, and authorize users. In total, the company has six services built on top of AWS. Digital products run in the cloud on a secure platform and integrate with multiple systems. Okta Identity Cloud empowers business leaders to embrace modern technology, thereby increasing employee productivity.

Meaning and History

Okta Logo History

Okta’s services are in demand among corporate IT teams. Its clients include over 4,000 large and well-known organizations, including Nestle Purina, JetBlue, 20th Century Fox, Pandora, and LinkedIn. Therefore, it is not surprising that the logo of this company is always in sight. It contains the actual name of the service, written in round lowercase letters.

In metrology, Okta is a unit of measure for cloud cover. It corresponds to 1/8 of the open sky cloud cover. The word “okta” comes from the transliteration of the Greek “okτώ,” which means the number 8. In numerology, the eight symbolizes a new beginning and a connection with the past.

It’s worth noting that the identity management service was called SaaSure in the past. But Frederic Kerrest and Todd McKinnon dropped the name due to inappropriate associations. According to McKinnon’s wife, SaaSure sounded like the name of a French perfume brand. This is what caused the unplanned rebranding.

What is Okta?

Okta is the new name of the American company Saasure Inc. It is the creator of cloud-based software offering effective security solutions. Its products are used by enterprises operating in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and others.

Old logo

Okta old Logo

Saasure Inc. appeared in 2009, and just a year later, it was renamed Okta. Together with the name, it received a new logo, where the designers depicted several concentric circles in white and blue. The largest blue circle symbolized Single Sign-On, a technology that allows applications to be accessed from any device without re-authenticating. And two rings around it resembled the letter “O” and connected the emblem with the inscription “okta.”

There was a smaller circle on the right. It looked like an inverted prohibition sign with two black semicircles inside. This symbol represented secure access to applications and protection against data loss. The company name was at the bottom. Letters with smooth curves in shape were combined with circles and the dark color of the inscription corresponded to the chosen palette.

New logo

Okta new Logo

In the updated version of the logo, the designers removed the composition from geometric shapes and left only the word “okta.” The lowercase letters “o” and “a” are now circular to compensate for the old emblem’s lack. The inscription is not black but light blue, which is another attempt to preserve the familiar corporate identity.

Font and Colors

Okta Emblem

Dropping the logo with circles, Okta relied on the wordmark. She had to leave the encrypted message right in the caption: “o,” and the main part of “a” is in the shape of a ring, which in the company’s iconography symbolizes each user, application, and process. The concentric circles on the old emblem had about the same meaning.

For Okta, lettering comes first because it’s the only element in the logo. The current typeface is vaguely similar to Odudo, which was created based on ITC Avant Garde and Futura in 2016. Only details distinguish them: Okta has all the corners rounded, and the lowercase “a” has an additional bottom line.

The developers of the word mark did not focus on Odudo but made their own modified typeface. It was based on the font of the first company logo. It resembles Days Regular, created by Jovanny Lemonad in 2011. Only Okta has a smoother “k” with no curves on the diagonal lines.

Okta Symbol

The lettering is presented in the corporate blue color of the company. It has a shade of # 007BBF and is close to azure. In the past, the emblem palette contained three colors at once: blue (# 0169AA), white (#FFFFFF), and black-brown (# 212121). Now white continues to be used only as a neutral background.

Okta color codes

Star Command Blue Hex color: #007ec5
RGB: 0 126 197
CMYK: 100 36 0 23
Pantone: PMS 7461 C