One Knoxville Sporting Club presented a new identity

One Knoxville Sporting Club Logo

Knoxville’s professional soccer players have unveiled a new logo. The main idea, which admires for its coolness, is to wear such a design of the brand, not to understand or be a fan of football. The One Knoxville Sporting Club logo is creative and self-sufficient, which is just a pleasure to wear on clothes and accessories.

When it comes to some sports brands, symbols, mascots, certain lines or curves in the logo, or other shapes (ball, equipment, beast that symbolizes endurance, power, and speed) are very often remembered. In this case, the sports team decided to take a different path – to attract attention by the fact that the logo and identity as a whole will be close to the person who has entered the store, and the interested person-match forecaster, and the coach, and the person who walks with his family in his free time. It’s like a quiet spread of the idea of ​​football among people, which is not imposed on anyone, does not somehow isolate football, and does not exalt it to the highest step of the podium. In short, such an image does not allow “show off” but pacifies aggression or exaltation, which are frequent occurrences during football meetings.

One Knoxville Sporting Club New Logo

The work was carried out at the highest level of preparation for the rebranding. Analyze, organize, find the optimal color scheme, and hundreds of surveys, face-to-face meetings, and work with focus groups that surveyed the city of Knoxville in search of inspiration and information.

Matthew Wolff was the man who had everything in his hands about the new design. He was aware of all the creative tasks and the specifics of the processes. His experience working with football teams in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and two dozen other cities was a great asset for this project.

One Knoxville Sporting Club Emblem

Civil pride is what I would like to evoke in the audience when looking at the new identity. This is an illustration of the football club and the city of Knoxville as a whole. This is a fusion of spheres, the life of individual parts of the region, a living organism.

Great attention to local details, comprehension of each image, in-depth analysis of color did their job. A simple layperson could take this or that thing only because it broadcasts his native land, and the carrier personifies himself with Knoxville, even without being an adherent of sports.

The logo looks like a pointed shield, slightly distorted in shape, as if extended. It depicts three dark blue shades of the earth’s relief, then the white letters of the proud KNOX, with an orange sun instead of an O. In the background, behind the letters, there is a combination of 3 shades of orange. It seems that the uppermost level of the “sky” is the same hue as the sun.

One Knoxville SC Logo

The logo looks stylish and, surprisingly, is not overloaded with colors. The advantage is the selection of the scale and lines. It is a calm, cold-warm logo in tones but evokes warm associations. This is what unites, warms with atmosphere, pleases the eye.

In addition, for the common population, such a logo will be a sign of loyalty to their city. And those who later see the logo on the football field will understand that the city is famous for its strong football team and continuity.