Onliner – Belarusian website changes its corporate identity

Onliner Logo

Created in 2001, the Belarusian Onliner forum is turning into a large-scale ecosystem with thematic publications on digital and household appliances. Its development began to be a catalog with data on prices, sellers, and technical characteristics, which required the formation of a new identity that corresponds to the current reality. Leading in ranking the most visited sites, the brand constantly maintains its image at the appropriate level. Taking into account the current trends in advertising and visualization, as well as the changes in the perception of information by the consumer, the company decided to update its visual language, scaling it to services. Having remained unchanged for the past twenty years, the platform has experienced significant changes, transforming from a forum into a media and ecosystem of services. This was one of the important reasons that required changes in its visual representation.

Onliner New Logo

If in 2001, the site was used as a convenient place to discuss Nokia and Motorola, today it is of interest as a news resource, a convenient way to sell unnecessary things, and the opportunity to purchase the widest range of offers, from pens and used equipment to apartments and cars. Thanks to its audience, the brand is growing, launching new services, and successfully identifying itself with the company. The new visualization successfully demonstrates the full scale of the changes taking place, showing the problems and how the company solves them. To do this, a more graphic and consistent brand language was developed based on the logo. The American mechanical grotesque was preserved in it, to which Belarusian humanistic features were added. In the wordmark, the upper dot over the letter “i” was rethought, which acquired the significance of an accent or a spark, which ensured the removal of naive memories of the info-forum. Having become an important accent element, the sign has built around itself almost the entire service of needs, reflecting the main task of the platform – to help visitors with the choice of the most necessary among the huge number of offers.

Onliner Symbol

Graphic design and visual technique ensured the high quality and clarity of each element, and the saturation and brightness of the color palette, which made it easy to perceive and read in any size format and display method. For ease of reading on small screens or gadgets, traps were used to perform graphic elements. Whereas previously drop eliminators compensated for ink leakage, now it has become an expressive technique. While retaining their historicity, his signature colors acquired a stronger impact on the viewer because their combination was decided by analog dust and acquired the appeal of digital effects.

Onliner Before and After Logo (History)